Things To Do By Yourself

14 Fun Things To Do By Yourself During Summer

Things To Do By Yourself

Summer is the time to roam the outdoors, go to a picnic with friends or visit an amusement park. There are road trips to do, the new restaurant to visit, and a food event to go to.

And then there are those weekends when all your friends have other plans or your partner is out of town, and you find yourself with a lot of time in your hands.

Sometimes weekends alone seem like a blessing. I, for one, do appreciate some me-time every now and then. But sometimes you feel like being active and out and about is better than hanging at home with a book and a glass of rose.

Now, if you’re one of those who think that being alone equals being lonely, allow me to correct this misconception for you. Loneliness is a serious issue and completely different a subject than being alone.

Being alone is not a state to feel sorry about. Instead, here’s your chance to really do the things that you want to do without any necessity to compromise on anything.

I gathered up a little list of the things I like to get up to when I have time to spare on myself, and I hope these will give you ideas as well, for those weekends alone.

14 Fun Things To Do By Yourself During Summer

Things To Do By Yourself

Have a spa day

There was a weekend when my best friend was supposed to come and visit me, but unfortunately her work threw her a curve ball and our plans had to be cancelled. That plan was to have a spa day.

But why on Earth wouldn’t I go to the spa if I want to go to the spa?! You don’t need a friend to get a massage or chill in the sauna, now do you? Book that pedicure and some exclusive facial and enjoy yourself.

Go to the beach

Perhaps I’m weird but I actually prefer to go to the beach on my own. I’m very particular when it comes to some things and sunbathing is one of those things. I don’t want to compromise my tanning session for anything.

So, pack up that towel, sunscreen and a good book and head to the nearest beach (or a park) for some quality me-time getting that tanning game on to the max.

Go for a picnic

Just like with going to the beach on your own, you don’t necessarily need company to have a picnic. Instead you could read a book, listen to a podcast, or call a friend while chilling in the park.

I’m really into people watching, so picking a spot in a park, where I spread my blanket and my snacks, is one of my favourite ways to pass time. I like to imagine what those people’s lives are like; what kind of a house do they live in, what kind of a car do they drive, do they have any pets… Yes, I’m a curious sod.

Cook something new

Being on your own gives you the opportunity to do whatever you like. When it comes to cooking, especially, this is a great thing!

In my previous relationship I would always start suggesting dinner options throughout the day, and most often whatever I was craving wasn’t what my boyfriend wanted. So, compromise was the word.

But when you’re only responsible for your own sustenance, why not go completely wild and try that new recipe that you have been avoiding because it seems perhaps too adventurous or demanding.

If it goes to pot you can always order in.

Things To Do By Yourself

Go shopping

This is, obviously, one of the best ways to spend a day. No matter if it’s fashion, home decor or food shopping, shopping probably makes you feel good.

And when you’re browsing the shops by yourself, there’s nobody rushing you to move on to the next shop, which means you can spend hours trying on that dress and coming up with multiple outfit combos for it.

Change your home’s interior

If you feel like a little change in your life might be in order, the easiest way to elevate your everyday life a little bit is to change the place of all your furniture at home.

Before you know it, you find yourself in a design shop buying a new table lamp or house plants to bring those final touches to your “new” apartment.

Participate in a Summer event

Summer is full of action! Every city and town is filled with all kinds of events from art exhibitions to restaurant days to trade shows and all kinds of distillery events.

Just make your pick and enjoy the atmosphere and sunny Summer vibes. Who knows, you might just make new friends because the odds are you will definitely not be the only one attending on their own.

Summer is the best time to interact with people, because the warm weather brings the best out in all of us, so get socializing, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an extrovert. This is your chance to hone your socializing skills.

Plan 3 new outfits from 1 piece of clothing

Outfit planning is one of my ultimate favourite ways to pass time. I usually plan and pick my outfits for the next day on the previous night and lay them out, so that in the morning I just need to dress up.

And if you’re feeling like your closet is in need of turning up the volume, try this before you hit the stores: pick one piece of clothing, something that you really like. It can be a top or a skirt, or maybe just a pair of jeans.

Then think up 3 outfit combos around this one piece of clothing. You could go for 3 office looks or build a whole day’s outfit combos around just one piece; office, after-work and going out outfits.


If hanging in your own company seems like a depressing prospect you could take yourself out to do some voluntary work. Every city has their own opportunities, but in my case I know there are schools that take volunteers to help in the kitchen, for example.

And my absolute favourite charity target are, of course, animals. I would direct my nose straight towards the closest animal shelter and take the dogs for a walk, give couple horses a little brush and share some love to the cats. You can always count on animals giving you back all the love and more.

Things To Do By Yourself

Go for an aimless walk

I do this quite a lot, and despite living in a very small city I still keep finding new places all the time. New cafés and restaurants, flee markets and terraces, gorgeous buildings and secret parks.

Getting stuck around the familiar corners can easily make your life so blase and boring that you almost start to take it for granted. So, take those legs of yours and get out, choose left or right and just walk.

It doesn’t matter if you get lost. You’re still in your home town and you’ve got Google Maps to take you home.

Put on your favourite music and have a little dance

When you’re on your own nobody’s there to judge you. So, why not have a little dance to kick off your morning? Blast out that song that automatically makes you smile and jump around and sing along.

Nothing frees you from whatever troubles you might have at that moment like giving yourself up to the dance does. It’s like a mini-workout, but you have to really go for it. And afterwards you’ll feel like there’s nothing on this Universe that could stop you.

Exercise outdoors

Starting your morning off with a little dance might just get your juices running so that you feel like doing some exercise is the way to continue. But since it’s Summer don’t you dare lock yourself up in some dingy gym.

Instead head outdoors, go for a run or a long walk. Most running tracks have places where you can do couple sit-ups and pull-ups, so that your exercise is more than just running. Breathe the fresh air and the smell of flowers.

Things To Do By Yourself

Go see a movie

This option is particularly good for those rainy days. They can get you down with moodiness, so before that happens, get those shoes on, throw a jacket on and rush to the nearest cinema.

Purchase an extra large portion of popcorn and a soda, and prepare to exit this world for couple of hours.

Try out a café you haven’t tried before

Even without going on an aimless walk you know that there are plenty of cafés and boutiques you’ve never vacated before. Maybe you’ve thought they’re not your type.

Well, why not go and see? You might be surprised and find your next favourite café or the perfect corner to vacate next time you decide to work from home office. And if not, at least you got a coffee or a glass of wine out of it.


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