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30-Day Photography Challenge


I recently got myself a new camera, Nikon D5300 (not in the picture). The old one was working fine and has been a faithful companion to our family on our travels and recently to me with my blog.

But there’s no escaping the fact that technology has taken enormous leaps forwards in the past years. The improvements in picture quality, ease of use, ready-to-use filters and Wifi are absolute musts if you are a blogger or photograph for a living.

I could write an ode to Wifi! The difficulty of playing around with the wires, plugging the camera into the laptop, moving pictures from camera into laptop, then sending them to my email so that I could open them on my phone for editing got all too overwhelming and was extremely impractical.

Particularly difficult because my laptop broke first day into our holiday in June so I had no way of getting the pictures out of the camera before we got back home.

But no more waiting until getting home! We’ve got a new kid in the block now and that kid don’t have no patience. In order to break ‘the new kid’ in and for me to get into grips with everything that I can possibly do with this new tool I decided to take a 30-day photography challenge.

I also found a brilliant 30-day writing challenge and because I love writing as well, I thought I’d mix these two together. I will be cheating a bit, though, because some of the writing tasks aren’t that interesting whereas that day’s photography task is. Also, there are some photographs that I won’t be able to take “on time” so I will forward such tasks for a bit later in the month.

I appointed this challenge to myself but at the same time this is a great opportunity for me to give a more detailed portrait of myself to You, my dear reader. Through the challenge you will learn a bit more about who I am, what I value in life, how I met my boyfriend, etc.

So, in August I will be posting every single day. Let’s see if by the end of the month my photography skills have improved and whether me and my new companion have become a good pair or if I might need actual educating on its intricacies.

I love challenges like this! It gives you a little bit of a leeway with your blog because you’ve got a list of subjects to publish about for a whole month’s needs.

Meanwhile you can play around with new ideas and issues you might want to write about and photograph next month or for the months to come. After all, thinking ahead is a mandatory aspect of having a successful blog ;)



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