Outlandish blog photography challenge clouds sunshine daily routine

Day 8: 5 Points From My Daily Routine

Outlandish blog photography challenge clouds sunshine daily routine

Outlandish blog photography challenge clouds sunshine daily routine

Outlandish blog photography challenge clouds sunshine daily routine

Outlandish blog photography challenge clouds sunshine daily routine

Photography task: Clouds
Location: Kadriorg Palace, Estonia
Camera setting: Landscape

Routine 1

Make-up, always make-up! Call me shallow but I will not leave the building without a splash of make-up on. It’s not much make-up I wear, though. I have some ancient scars and pockmarks on my cheeks, distant memories of the long-gone acne, and I’ve noticed that the more make-up you put on them the more clearly they are visible.

So I strive to keep things as light as possible. I use foundation only to cover the black parts under my eyes and then get some colour on with a swish of bronzer. Add some mascara on that and I’m done. Mascara and bronzer are my life-lines, the only things I need for bringing enough life onto my face.

Routine 2

The most productive times of the day for me are mornings and evenings. So, to start off the day I like to first open my blog and work on it; finalize and schedule posts, edit pictures, modify the outlook of the blog, etc.

I really enjoy working on my blog, it’s so inspiring and I learn new things every day about what it takes to have your own website and how to keep it visible on search engines. So it’s a win-win; I get to be creative, which I really enjoy, and at the same time I learn about Marketing, which has been my passion from University.

Routine 3

Lunch time is my favourite time of the day. On weekends lunch time is usually breakfast time. I like to have a very light lunch, no meat, something vegetarian and keeping the portion size in check. Soup or a spinach pastry is quite enough for me to get through the other half of the day. It’s become a habit that I need to have something sweet after lunch, as well. A chocolate bar will do.

Routine 4

The best case scenario is that I have plans after work; after-work drinks or a shopping spree. But most often I just go straight home from work, crash on the sofa, order some food and nerd around social media.

Evening is the second best time for me creativity-wise. If in the morning I schedule and plan , write and edit pictures, then evening is the time when I come up with new ideas and development points for the website or my business plan.

I do a lot of research on Pinterest and by reading other people’s blogs and every now and then somebody’s blog might give me a light-bulb moment: an idea of what to write about or a new way to get my blog more visibility. The frustrating part then is having to wait until next morning to bring these ideas to life.

On the other hand it might be a good thing that I don’t have a properly functioning laptop at home because otherwise I might end up sitting at the kitchen table working at 2am like my boyfriend sometimes does.

Routine 5

My evening routine is always the same regardless of the day of the week or the time of the year:

Pretty much straight after I’ve gotten home I google what the weather will be for the next day. According to that information I choose an outfit for the next day and lay everything out so that I can just jump in them in the morning.

Just before going to sleep I have a quick shower to rid myself of the day’s shit. Then I wash off my make-up and brush my teeth. I put my hair up in a bun, because otherwise I might strangle myself with it accidentally while asleep, and make myself a little nest in the bed.

I love going to sleep, pulling the covers up to my chin and disappearing from the world for a few hours. It’s lovely.

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