How To Brand Your Blog

I am so proud to announce that I have secured a place as a Founding Member in an inventive, beautiful, and inspiring community called

Grow & Glow

This is a hub for creatives alike; bloggers, Instagrammers, writers, photographers, anyone who loves to create and share their creations to the world.

First and foremost the hub’s aim is to bring creators together in every sense of the word to support each other, to learn, and to get excited about all the things that we do.

To do this, the hub provides creators with

  • transparency with, for example, rate-abase where bloggers can see what other bloggers have charged for their work;
  • community, because nobody can reach their best potential alone;
  • and resources in the form of courses, workbooks and open communication channels for asking help, feedback, or for just celebrating the small and big wins together.

how to brand blog

I love a good community, so to be able to be one of the Founding Members makes me especially excited about the whole thing. This means that I can be part of developing the hub, adding and evolving resources, organizing events, providing first-hand feedback.

It’s a project, and oh dear goodness, I love a project! The challenges, the opportunities, all the new things that you inevitably learn along the way.

What this means for you is that I will be here for you even more than before; ask for help, for ideas, for any sort of support and I, with the Grow & Glow community, will find the answer for you. ♥


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