spring trend platfrom high heels
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My Favourite Accessory Trend S/S 2019: Statement Platform Heels

spring trend platform high heels

Spice Girls’ back, alright!

Well, they actually are. I heard they’re going on a tour again, although Posh Spice is not joining in. But their tour was not what I wanted to talk about today, but instead the iconic shoes that they brought into mainstream fashion.

Oh yes, statement platform heels are in again! This Spring (and according to the recent fashion weeks, also this coming Autumn) statement heels in all colours, shapes and textures imaginable are surfing the highest trend waves.

Those flat platform shoes that Spice Girls introduced to the world were my first ever high heels. And I’m not kidding, for years I didn’t own any flat shoes and I even wore those platforms to PE class. I remember playing baseball in them. I lived in those shoes so they had become a vital part of me, and running in them was no problem at all.

These days my knees have suffered couple dislocations too many (NOT due to high heels, though!) so I wouldn’t consider running in my platform heels anymore. But walking I can, and will do!

spring trend platform high heels

Even though I no longer have flat platform shoes, I do have plenty of this season’s trendiest styles. These are my favourites of the season’s trends on the shoe-front:

Neon Pink

I could never pass by a pair of anything neon pink. I need to stop for a sec even if I’m passing through the toys section in a grocery store and there’s a barbie dressed in spectacular, shiny, pink dress.

So, the fact that neon pink (or any neon colour) is one of the main trends on the shoe-front this season makes me beam. Obviously, I already have a pair of neon pink heels, courtesy of H&M.

They’re about 5 years old already, but still in peak condition, and we named them “Barbie Murder Scene”-shoes, because the space under my desk at work looked like a barbie had been killed there, and the shoes were left scattered on the scene of the crime.


Couple years back braids were a big thing in hair but now the trend has descended to ground-level. The options for this trend are never-ending;

Gladiator sandals have braids on them, decorative stilettos and sandalettes (in the pictures) can be found with braided straps, and I even saw a pair with a braided heel. Now, those were awesome. Unfortunately I was unable to find this image now, but see if you can find such beauties in the shops!

spring trend platform high heels


Feathers are a continuum from last year and they are back with a bang!

Big feathers, small feathers, as long as there’s a lot of feathers you are on top of the fashion game this season. I think I might need to go shopping for this trend, though. Or I can just find a pair of heels in my closet that need a bit of sprucing up and do some DIY.

Okay, I wouldn’t take the risk of ruining a nice pair of heels myself. Instead I would buy some feathers and super glue, bag that pair of heels and go to see a friend who’s super good with her hands. Unique style is something that I strive for, anyway.


Where yellow was the big colour this season for clothes, blue seemed to be the big deal in shoes. And why not! There are hundreds of different tones of blue, every single tone lovelier than the other.

At the moment my shoe closet boasts altogether 4 pairs of blue shoes (5 if we count sneakers) from stilettos to ankle boots. But I think I might opt for blue ballerinas this Summer. Okay, I won’t ignore a pair of heels either, if I bump into a pair that I simply can’t live without.

Statement Platforms

I’ve got this one covered!

Platform is the insurance for a comfortable high heel. It doesn’t need to be anything too substantial, either. Just a small platform under the balls of your feet make the height of the heel feel much less, and thus you can wear a pair of heels longer than you maybe could if there was no platform.

This season you want statement platforms, though. Something big, high, noticeable, surprisingly shaped and full of character.

I have got to mention though, if you do not quite have the hang of walking in heels, perhaps best to stay away from statement platform heels. They can be dangerous at worst, and if you end up walking around with your knees in 90 degree angle you’re not doing yourself any favours ;)

For the safety reason, in particular, I will probably be skipping this trend. I do own couple pairs of statement platform heels, but it only takes one pebble to end up under the platform and my ankles are done.

spring trend statement high heels

We are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the snow and ice to F off from our hoods before I can properly start sporting my favourite shoes out and about again. But it won’t be long now!

And the first day I see that the streets are clear my shoe closet door will be blasted wide open, and the contents will cover my floor while I decide which of the pairs I want to base my next day’s outfit on.

Oh yes, that’s what sort of a heel-obsessive I am; every single outfit I wear is based on the shoes I decide to wear that day. I like keeping things interesting, so I never wear the same shoes 2 days in a row. Hence, my massive shoe collection.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this season’s footwear trends? Are you happy the heels are back or did you prefer the previous years when flat shoes took over? xx


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