Q1: What’s Going Well in My Life, Any Wins This Week?

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The 10-question challenge starts here!

Question 1 couldn’t have tackled a more complex issue for me right now. Things in my life are a bit all over the place but maybe it’s good to stop for a minute and think about all the good things that are going on before I drown underneath all the negativity that I live in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

So, what’s going well?

It’s supposedly Spring even though you would never guess that when looking out of the window; snow everywhere and temperature well under 0 degrees Celsius. But it has already been three times sunnier this year than in 2016 and 2017 put together. Sunlight has a grand effect on my mental well-being so the fact that there has been more of it than usual is definitely a win for me!

Secondly, I have survived another week in a company into which I would never have applied if I had known what the every-day reality there would be. And really, that is an achievement worth mentioning! This week might just win the prize for the worst week (so far…) in this job, which is quite worrying when I consider the fact that the previous shit weeks were so bad that they actually made me sick… But I’m still alive and kicking, and it’s weekend!

The obvious thing that has brought a great deal of sunshine to this week is the fact that my Mr. has been home all week after traveling for 2 weeks. Just to be able to get a hug exactly when it’s needed has become a lifeline for me. And I need to top-up on those hugs because he’s going away again next week.

As for the second point of Question 1, any wins this week? I guess I could say so, yes.

Not a straight-forward win but a final nail to the gasket, which translates into me finalizing my decision on the one-year-plan: getting out of Estonia! It’s much easier to tackle everyday struggles when you’ve got something to look forwards to.

A year is a long time though, so I’m not setting down any concrete plans just yet. There are things for which I need to stay here (for example my best friend’s wedding) and I think it’s good to just concentrate on enjoying everything that I possibly can while still in Northern Europe, because one thing is for sure: the only way for me is South. :)

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