april schedule exciting times

April Schedule – We Are Living Exciting Times

april schedule exciting times

March was jampacked with action from going out with friends, to taking huge leaps with my blog as its first anniversary approached, to a weekend trip in Portugal.

There was in fact so much going on that I ran out of money halfway through the month. It’s frustrating and really stressful living from one paycheck to the next, but I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Let’s take a look into the future and on what’s coming up here on the blog as well as in my life:

My April Schedule

New job

Oh yes, finally it begins! The new adventure, AKA new job. My new title is Social Media Coordinator but my goal is to make it a Manager title within the year!

I’m a creative being (hence my great passion for writing and photography), so having been sort of stuck working at a bank has been relatively hard on my physique. This blog has been the ultimate savor for me through the past year;

I’ve been able to experiment with coding, building a layout, making and automating newsletters and all kinds of other things, that weren’t at all possible at my 9-5 job. And now I get to take all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in just the past year and use it at a job that allows me to be creative and try my limits.

I’m super excited about this opportunity and really want to show them that I am worth the “risk”. The new job is in a small company, which means I will have to pull my weight if I want them to keep me on. It’s a big responsibility but nothing that I wouldn’t have tackled before.

Also, my future colleagues are nearer my age than at the bank (where most of our team are Uni students in their early 20s). I’m really interested to see what kinds of characters they’ve got in this new company. From what I’ve seen so far, at the interview and when signing the contract, it all seems very promising indeed.

april schedule exciting times

Portugal guides

When my travel bucket list went on last week, I was already in Portugal. But this was such an extempore trip that it didn’t make the cut to the bucket list.

This extempore trip came at the perfect time! I was really hating Estonia for being the cold, dark fuck that it is. There were no signs of Spring and I was completely fed up with the coldness already last November.

Portugal being chosen as our weekend destination was due to the weather forecast. Greece, Italy, Croatia and Spain all had only 19 degrees last weekend, whereas Lisbon boasted the beautiful number 23. So, there we went!

I didn’t expect much, all I really wanted was just sunshine and warmth. On top of those 2 things I got a truck-load more, though!

We discovered the beautiful city of Sintra just outside of Lisbon, and it’s basically a mountain littered with the most extraordinary castles and palaces with incredible gardens that were like playgrounds for adults.

So, I will be braking down our trip, and in particular our Sintra adventures, in couple of posts at the beginning of April.

Things People Don't Know

Easter at home

I have lived abroad for almost 10 years, but this is the longest period I have been away from home! We departed to Hawaii straight after Christmas and I haven’t been back to Finland since, while most often I’d spend the New Year at home as well, plus couple extra days.

So, it’s bloody good to go see my darling Turku, finally! I can’t wait to see my brother and my best friend, and my cousing just got a PUPPY!! I want to hear everything that’s been going on in the past 6 months, and hopefully me and my bestie will book that birthday trip to Skopje, Macedonia.


A little problem that I might encounter, in regards to booking travels, is the fact that I have a dentist appointment after Easter for removing a wisdom tooth, and that operation costs the Earth. But honestly, this birthday trip goes ahead of the dentist, so if it comes down to it, I will reschedule the dentist for later!

Yeah, that’s my life for the past 3 years with an average shit salary; I have decide whether I go to dentist and don’t eat for the last 2 weeks of the month, or whether I go out on one weekend and postpone any doctor appointments to foreseeable future.

It’s difficult to budget when you know the moment the salary drops into your account, that the money will be almost entirely spent on rent, bills, student loan and credit card payments. What little is left after all that goes to as little food as possible and to one night out. Because being stuck at home is no option!

So, for one more month I have to make clever decisions on where and how I spend the couple euros I have to spare. I’ve become quite good at stretching the cent but not good enough, apparently.

But it does give a lot of perspective, living in such a situation. I come from a country where even jobless people get more money as benefits than we get paid, even though ours is considered “better than average” salary in Estonia. And in my travels I’ve realized that the Estonian norm is the world norm, and the Finnish “norm” is a dream.

A dream which I would still rather pass than move back there :D Call me insane, you wouldn’t be the first one and I won’t deny it.

april schedule exciting times

How’s your Spring looking? Any big plans for Easter holidays?


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