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I was completely right when I wrote in my July schedule that having an empty calendar gives you the freedom to fill it with surprise events and extempore trips as you go along.

The only scheduled thing I had was the trip to Edinburgh. And before I knew it, my calendar started filling up:

There was that rooftop terrace opening one Wednesday evening, park picnics on the weekend, dinners with friends, and dad visiting on the last week. And if that wasn’t enough, we also went for the little girls’ trip to Pärnu to celebrate a dear friend’s move to Sweden, and oh boy what a trip it turned out to be! Photo diary coming up next week, stay tuned ;)

On the mental side July was another tough month. I found myself struggling with self-esteem issues and having self-doubts… Which freaked me out because that’s not me! I don’t have self-doubts…

So, being able to escape everything – my entire life in fact – for a week was exactly what the doctor ordered. Scotland feels like home to me, so the moment I got out of the plane in Edinburgh, I felt like a huge weight dropped off my shoulders.

What I couldn’t have predicted was exactly how awesome that week was going to be! The main event was on Saturday; a blogger event with Vix and Scottish bloggers. It was an educative, awesome day and I met so many amazing people.

The whole week was so brilliant that on Saturday evening I had a proper low point and seriously hated the fact that I had to return to a country with no men and no community to hang with. The only thing that saved me from absolute depression was the heatwave that welcomed me back.

Quite like July, my calendar looks pretty empty for August. No big plans or events on the agenda… yet. I’m pretty sure that this month will eventually turn out just as eventful as July did, and I do enjoy the surprise factor.

But there are couple things I’d like to attend to this month:

My August Schedule

April Schedule Holiday

Hiring a Photographer and Learning About Making Videos

There are so many ideas I have been mulling in my head over the Summer in regards to my blog and where I want to take it in the future. But first I need to perfect and fix the issues that I have currently when it comes to my content’s quality and frequency.

First things first, I really need to find a photographer! Someone who’s able to take basic outfit photos, and preferably is also interested or knowledgeable on making and editing short videos for IGTV and Youtube.

Video is the most consumed form of content online, and the fact that I am not involved in that world has been bothering me for a while. But, on the other hand, there’s no point in making videos without a plan.

I want to find someone with whom I can discuss and plan how and what kind of content I should be making. Blogging can be quite lonely, particularly when living in a country far away from my actual blogger community, so finding a great photographer could solve multiple problems at once for me.

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Summer Fiesta!

We moved to a new, bigger office at the start of Summer, so it’s finally time to have a wee housewarming / Summer office party.

With this crew, it can’t be anything but epic even if we just ended up staying at the office drinking and shooting darts. But I don’t think we’ll be staying at the office.

So much looking forwards to this! I love a surprise party.

Holiday Plans

Finally, FINALLY I managed to locate travel companions for my next vacation. And like often in life, I didn’t need to search far; help was found sitting at the desk right next to me at the office.

There was a quiet time at the office in July, when we would browse for cheap but exciting travel destinations. And my colleague thought of Odessa in Ukraine.

Now, I know you probably think what I thought the minute I heard the word ‘Ukraine’: war. But actually no. Ukraine is an enormous country, and even though a part of it is still officially a war zone, Odessa is a paradise.

We both have friends who have recently vacationed there, and I know people who go to Kiev all the time, so most of the country is in fact safe. And if you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for an extraordinary and outlandish travel destination.

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Corgi Race

Nope, I ain’t joking! There is an event in my home city in Finland, Turku, at the end of August where corgis of all shapes and sizes (and colours) will race.

The amount of cuteness does have the potential of making me cry throughout the day but nonetheless I will do my utmost all to participate in this event!

I’d love me a corgi… Have loved me a corgi since I was about 10 years old. They are the ultimate cute with their enormous bunny ears and super expressive hairy faces. And those stubby legs ♥

I’m absolutely against animal cruelty, and think that breeding those breeds which suffer throughout their entire lives should be made illegal, but short legs never hurt nobody. I should know.

The best part about this event is that it’s not all about speed; the winner may not be the fastest, but instead also style counts. Whether that means dressing up or the actual style of running, I shall have to wait and see. All I wish is that there will be puppies for sale. Cause I’m saving for one!

April Schedule Holiday

Not a bad haul for an “empty” calendar, eh? Life tends to throw all kinds of surprises our way all the time, so I’m again quite excited about what the next month will turn out looking like in the end.

By the way, if you ever find yourself in Tallinn, try the restaurant which is displayed in these pictures: Kolm Sibulat (Three Onions) is a beautiful little restaurant a little bit outside of the city center and their noodle dishes are to die for!

Now I’d love to hear how your August is looking! Big plans, small plans, any plans? ♥


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