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4 Corner Stones For Best Christmas Party Outfits

Oh yeah, baby, Christmas is right around the corner and that means a lot of festivities from here on out!

From office dos to party weekends with friends you, like I, probably want to look just as spectacular as the sparkling lights coating the city center, right? There’s just one problem: the always-present, never-ending struggle of what to wear? If you’re like me, and don’t want to wear the same dress to every party for 3 weekends in a row, the struggle is even greater.

Now that sustainability and slow fashion are trending bigger than ever, I think it’s time to upgrade some of those dresses that you’ve already got in your capsule wardrobe instead of buying a whole new selection of Christmas-ware to rock on the dance floor in.

Classic go-to pieces are always there to save the date but I like to stand out from the crowd so I tend to add a twist or two to those basics. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or something that makes you stick out from the crowd like a sore thumb. Instead, the effect can be achieved with subtle extras and little tweaks here and there.

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for the Christmas season clothing crisis, so now I decided to put together a couple of ideas that I’ve discovered to be very helpful when the crisis occurs. Here are my simple tips to upgrading that Christmas Party Outfit from last year and making it 2018-appropriate:

4 Corner Stones for Best Christmas Party Outfits


LBD with a twist

Vila LBD Christmas dress layering

This season the word that’s circling the fashion hoods is layering. Oh yes, the absolute best way to keep the cold weather from getting to your core. But layering doesn’t need to result in one looking like a Michelin man, but instead can bring a welcome surprise factor to that basic black dress.

With a sleeveless dress just add a white tee underneath, or even better, a crisp white shirt. The collar looks amazing popping from beneath the black neckline. This could actually work as an office-appropriate outfit as well, but with high heels the basic combo is turned into a night-out classic with something else.

If you like having a bit more sass in your outfit I suggest you opt for a lace shirt under the dress. Lace always brings a tad of sex appeal to any outfit, wouldn’t you agree?

Suited up

Vila two-piece Christmas outfit

Two-piece outfits have become a regular in Christmas party scenes everywhere in the 21st century. And why not, since topping any outfit with a well sitting blazer works every single time. I’m gonna go as far as claiming that even a pajama becomes a party-appropriate attire if you add a pair of nice heels and a good blazer on it.

But a two-piece can be a lot more than a suit (if going for a suit, perhaps stay clear of pinstripes to avoid the full-on office look). Instead any pair of black trousers or a pencil skirt will do. And the cladding options for the top half are endless; opt for colour, shape, details, long, short, loose, tight and pair it with leather leggings.

This is actually my ‘go-to’ outfit for those days when I have “nothing to wear”; leather leggings and a loose top are always there to give me the confidence to rock the dance floor even when I feel slightly bloated after feasting on all those Christmas treats.

Shine like a star

Vila Christmas party outfit

There’s a style which is not exactly appropriate for a lot of the more formal occasions, such as weddings. That style is all about the sparkle dress. But come the festive season at the end of the year this dress should become a wardrobe essential! I don’t quite understand how I do not own such a dress yet, but I am constantly on the lookout for the most striking individual.

If a whole-body-sparkle seems like a bit too much for you, you could go for a big sparkly necklace or one of those body-covering harness chains. The point is adding more¬†sparkle in the mix and less about the amount. But there’s nothing wrong with rivaling the disco ball when twirling around the dance floor lighting up the whole place with all that sparkle, right?


Vila Christmas outfit accessorize

No matter if you dress in a sack, you can turn even that into an attention grabbing piece of Christmas party-wear by accessorizing it appropriately.  Come October the accessory shelves in shops are filled with the most amazing hairbands, jewelry, belts, scarves, hats with sparkle, colour and all things nice.

I’m actually really feeling this trend of dressing up a long-sleeved body. With black trousers it’s not too over-the-top-sexy or revealing but instead a party outfit with a difference. Point is, nobody else knows that your top was actually sold as an undergarment.

Then there’s the waist belt; this is a trend that seems to stick around from one year to the next, and why not, since it works. I have a collection of fabulous belts that I purchased over 10 years ago, or rescued from my mum’s stack of 80’s classics, and they are the easiest way to dress up any basic dress.

And let’s not forget the ultimate corner stones of any outfit, whether it may be for day or night; a bag and heels. If your outfit is of only one colour, add some by choosing a fun bag and a pair of bad-ass heels.

I hope this little style package has provided you with some new ideas and inspiration to carry you through the festive season. I think my go-to outfit this year is going to be the long-sleeved body paired with leather leggings and spectacular heels. I’m particularly fond of the suede trend that has stuck around from last year so that’s my fabric of choice for the body.

For extra inspiration, let me know what is your ultimate go-to outfit for a Christmas party? Are there any things you would never wear? xx

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