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Q6: What’s the Best Thing That Happened to Me This Week?


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You know those aphorisms that advice you to stop saying “would’ve – could’ve – should’ve”? Well, I agree with that logic, because you should just do. But sometimes life happens and you can’t do, no matter how much you want to and try to.

This week has been FULL of ‘would have’s and ‘should have’s:

My boyfriend should have gotten a huge deal this week and as a result he would have flown me to Barcelona for the weekend, but the deal didn’t go through.

I would have planned a trip to the Glehn Castle in Nomme, just outside of Tallinn, but they are arranging some sort of a private tango event there this weekend.

I should have received a package I ordered over a week ago but it hasn’t shown up yet.

If the package had arrived as planned I would have been able to make a blog post I have been waiting for a long time to write.

I should have taken some outfit pictures for more blog posts but it has been raining all week and so cloudy that it’s hard to distinguish day from night.

This week has been a standard example of my entire life: I plan a lot, I have these brilliant ideas and things I want to do but then something happens and I can’t realize those ideas when I want to.

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Outlandish blog travel botanic garden Tallinn

But thankfully it’s never all bad. Good things also happened this week:

Thursday was my name day and pay day.

I finally cleaned my flat properly. It has been left empty for most of the past month because I’ve basically been living at my boyfriend’s place. But now it’s clean again, and ready to welcome Spring.

Yes, Spring is here! And there’s ONE tree in this entire country that already has leaves! And that tree just happens to exist in front of my bedroom window. What a joy it is to open the curtains in the morning to such greenery after an entirety of darkness!

We’ve been planning a holiday with my boyfriend although planning isn’t really something that he does. He can’t really. And I shouldn’t (see examples above). But unfortunately he’s dating a woman with a stable job where she has to notify the managers of her planned holidays in advance. So, I booked a week off in June and already did some research on cruise packages on the Mediterranean.

I also found the job, which I have been looking for for a loooong time. I didn’t have a specific title I was looking for, just the field, but when I saw the title and then read the job description, my fingers were screaming for the keyboard so that I could start writing my application letter. I got an invitation on the same day to go for an interview, which totally made my week!

And the cherry that tops the week was Saturday spent in the company of one of my favourite people on the planet. We don’t often get to spend weekends together, me and Mister, so the ones that we do get to spend together are just that much more appreciated. :)


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