my favourite fashion trends 2019
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4 x My Favourite Fashion Trend This Year

my favourite fashion trends 2019 my favourite fashion trends 2019

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It seemed like everybody was starting 2019 off with a whole new set of hope and energy, and there were declarations of how “This year’s going to be awesome!” everywhere you looked. And going through the most recent fashion trend reports I could sense that the fashion industry has been gripped by the same sense of elation. So colourful and flashy were this year’s main trends.

From hippie style to wonky couture, from flats to wide heels this year you can dress in the most flamboyant colours and shapes available in your closet without a worry of over-doing it. Here are my top picks for this year’s trends + couple points on accessories.

My Favourite Fashion Trends This Year

Puffed Shoulders

Ooh, how I’ve waited for this trend to come back. Not the 80’s style of frills and ruffles covering enormous shoulder pads, but the subtle 21st century style of keeping things in check while still adding a little bit of flash to one’s outfit.

I purchased this white blazer from Zara about 5 years ago. I had a very sound excuse for purchasing it: This style will come and go indefinitely. A jacket with subtle shoulder pads or ruffles is definitely your new classic to be added to your capsule wardrobe ASAP if not there yet. It pops up in the fashion scene again and again, so one purchase will make sure that you will be riding the highest trend waves for many years to come.

Colour Explosions

I’m a sucker for all things brightly coloured. And so, going through images of this year’s fashion shows and roaming through fashion magazine after another, I was ecstatic to be swallowed by a wave after a wave of colour!

Neon colours, colour blocking, bright colours in monochrome outfits, bring it on! I’m ready. In fact I was born ready for this colour explosion! In retrospect it was an interesting experience to grow up in a country where the chosen colour for everyone’s outfits for any and all occasions is either black or the darker shades of gray (yes, there are 50 or even more shades of the colour gray. Don’t believe me? Try Finland during winter months).

My outfits are often more neutrally coloured, I’ve got only one neon yellow top, but I like to incorporate bright, ‘Notice me!‘-colours into my accessories in particular. Hence this bright orange Furla bag is going to be my constant companion this Spring season. But in fact, you could cover 2 of this year’s trends at once with this over-sized blazer in the most delicious green shade.

my favourite fashion trends 2019 my favourite fashion trends 2019

Men’s Clothes for Women

Following the puffed shoulder-theme I’m very excited about this trend! I’ve been preparing for this for the whole Autumn by sneaking up on my boyfriend’s wardrobe and stealing borrowing his jumpers and trying on his jackets in case I might find use for them.

How lucky am I that we’re almost the same height and size. But due to the difference in the width of our shoulders, his jackets are way over-sized for me… But this year that’s completely all right!

For years now we’ve seen people embracing the over-sized blazer and this year this trend continues with an added spring to its step. For instance, I’ve deemed men’s jumpers as super good for women to wear as well. It’s just a big pullover. I’ve even ventured as far as borrowing my boyfriend’s trousers, although I’ve kept this trial within the confines of his apartment and only worn his sports joggers. They’re so comfy.

Sequins Everywhere

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Give me a piece of clothing covered in sparkle and you’ve got a happy girl! I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy due to a clothing choice as I was on my birthday bash this past January dressed as a pink disco ball.

I do not think one can ever have too much sparkle on, so this Spring all my dreams come true. For an office-appropriate style I’d opt for a top with some added sparkle-element, or just add sparkle to the mix with appropriate accessories. For a night out or cocktails with friends you can go all-out in full bling. It’s not too often we have the balls to go out dressed so bright that we blind everyone on our path but this year it’s completely okay.

my favourite fashion trends 2019 my favourite fashion trends 2019

+ Top Accessories

Over-sized Hats & Feathers

Statement hats are ‘so last season’. Except that’s totally fine because over-sized hats are a big thing this year as well!  So, if you left that over-sized straw hat to the store last summer because you weren’t sure if you could pull it off, go and see if that beauty might still be available and get it.

Wearing that huge hat on your next vacation instantly makes you feel like a proper rich-bitch and simply fab as fuck! It’s such a glamorous accessory to have, and it also takes care of your health. Nobody wants a sunstroke, right?

Another big thing on the accessory front are feathers. Somehow it seems that a lot of last year’s trends have stretched on because the feathers are also a continuum from last year. But this time around we’re turning up the volume: go for big feathers and loads of them everywhere! On shoes, bags, earrings, ponytails, covering your skirt’s rim or decorating that new over-sized hat that you just got.


So, there you have them; the fashion trends this year that I’m most excited about. For those dreading the absence of animal prints from my list, fret not! Animal prints stay in fashion this year as well. But since, in my opinion, animal prints are always appropriate, regardless of what the current fashion trends are, I decided not to include it to the list. Leopard print is a classic, just like jeans.

I absolutely love the fact that the colourful and sparkly trends perfectly reflect the positive feeling, with which we all seemed to launch into this new year a month back. 2019 is going to be a good year! And if you spend it covered in sequin and bright colours, how could it not be!?

What do you think of this year’s trends? Are you still dubious about the puffy shoulders or are you already assembling an office-appropriate monochrome outfit for the office tomorrow?


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