Outlandish blog Changes Dreams Future Photography Challenge Business Plan

Day 7: Changes To Come And Dreams For Future

Outlandish blog Changes Dreams Future Photography Challenge Business Plan

Outlandish blog Changes Dreams Future Photography Challenge Business Plan Outlandish blog Changes Dreams Future Photography Challenge Business Plan

Photography task: Changes to come
Location: My living room, Estonia
Camera setting: Landscape & Close up

OK, this got a bit tricky. The 7th task on my 30-day photography challenge is “Changes to come”… But how do you photograph things that haven’t happened yet and which you don’t even know about (because nobody knows what tomorrow brings)?

When I started this challenge I wanted to also incorporate a writing challenge in it but the 7th task on the writing challenge list was simply ‘Siblings’. Siblings don’t have much to do with my future plans so I guess I can just tell you that, yes, I have a brother. He’s 3 years younger than me and he’s cool. Done!

But ‘Changes to come’ did throw me a bit… I wrote down the headline and then I had to leave this post hanging for a while.

I don’t know what’s to come. If this life has taught me something it’s the fact that I can’t know what tomorrow brings. I have dreams and goals but they are just dreams and goals until they become reality but I don’t know which of them, if any of them, will come to pass.

But being a Project Manager by nature I do have plans. My numero uno plan is to move out of Estonia but where and when? I have absolutely no idea other than it better be by the end of the year. The nasty thing about this is that there’s nothing I can do about this plan right now. Except try and save money.

So, I started thinking about what my short-term goals might be, what can I expect to possibly happen in the near future. And the only thing I could think of was my blog. Every time I think about my future, it comes down to my blog.

And then I had a light-bulb-moment. The Blog!

That’s going to change and I am currently working on those changes. I’ve very recently come to think of the possibility of becoming a self-sufficient entrepreneur and this blog is going to be one part of the business that I am planning.

I’m a very thorough person so when I do something I like to do it properly; this means taking certain steps in a certain order to ensure the best result.

Plan/Make a strategy → Implement → Execute → Improve & Enhance

At the moment I am at the planning stage. I have noticed in my professional life that a good plan makes the rest of the journey much easier. So, I’m gonna take my time with this. I want to come up with a clear strategy and a clear plan of what needs to be done, why would I do it, how should I do it and what needs to be taken into account on the way.

Since the plan at the moment is to put up a business I thought that the obvious first step is to make a proper business plan. And because the business will rely heavily on my blog the business plan must be about that. I found a brilliant business plan template for bloggers and I can’t wait to properly start implementing all the plans and strategies that this plan has helped me clarify.

(Notice the beautiful self-made stabler-binding on the pages that I printed at work right in front of my colleagues asking me what I was working on :D)

A top tip for anyone who is dreaming of one day becoming an entrepreneur of any kind; take the time to make yourself a proper business plan. Whatever your dream may be, going through every aspect in the plan will help you to get a clearer picture of what it fundamentally is that you want to achieve and how you can get there.

You will find yourself pondering on things that you might never have thought about without a business plan but they’re all things that should be taken into account if you really wish to succeed on the long run.

By the way, enormous THANK YOU! to Melyssa Griffin for providing such a beautiful and relevant business plan template for us bloggers!


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