Photography challenge December schedule

Day 2: December Schedule – Merry Times Ahead

Photography Challenge Day 2:

Red & White

I’m a sucker for anything colourful when it comes to style, right? No secrets or surprises there. So, when the first (or in fact second, but since I’m only doing every other day… you get the gist) task on the photography challenge was ‘Red & White’ I immediately thought about clothes. I’ve got some brilliant red pieces I could show off.

I had such great ideas of outfits I wanted to photograph incorporating that colour combo but due to unprecedented challenges with the availability of photographers (cause I ain’t got one, and there’s more on the subject coming up in due course) and the limited amount of daylight meant that I had to use extreme creativity to get at least some pictures done. But at least I got to show off a pair of my favourite shoes here!


I’ve taken this as a tradition now, so let’s start the new month with a look into future and to my December schedule. It’s such a great thing that all the Christmas festivities come to disturb all the angst that the weather in particular causes at the moment. There are Christmas markets, Christmas parties, Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, and I am grateful for any cheer-up, no matter how small!

So, here goes,

My December Schedule

Photography challenge December schedule

Photography Challenge

My December is going to start with a calm weekend after 3 weekends of parties ranging from birthdays to Christmas dos in Helsinki. So it’s nice to have one weekend just for myself when I can maybe concentrate a bit more on the photography challenge that I set myself for this month.

As I mentioned, photographing at the moment is quite challenging with no daylight available whatsoever. Knowing this I started photographing the tasks in the list 2 weeks ago and I’ve had to use my lunch hours and weekends to try and cover as many of the tasks beforehand as possible.

The things we do for our blogs, eh?

So far so good, but from now on the tasks are so specific that I will need to wait til I get home for Christmas to get the last pictures taken. If there’s something positive about this lack of light in our lives, it is that I’ve learned to work my camera’s features so that I can get really nice photos in dark as well. That was something I decided to work on during the August photograph challenge. Check!

Independence Day

Finland is turning 101 on 6th December!

Last year we saw enormous parties all over Finland and everywhere around the world where Finnish people have formed communities. And why not! 100 years of independence after a lifetime under foreign rulers is definitely worth shouting about.

Independence Day is a big deal in Finland any given year. It’s made extra special with all the reminders that Russia provides us by threatening a new country every other week;

The fact that our country was able to break free from such a huge empire’s grip and stay independent, despite a civil war and plenty of trials and tribulations provided by global economics and our dear Eastern neighbour, is something that we can well be proud of.

I recently chatted about independence with a Slovak friend and it made me think about what independence means to me, both personally and nationality-wise. I ended up writing those thoughts down and I have a post coming up based on them on the 6th, so stay tuned :)

Photography challenge December schedule

Hang on you, like a hair in a biscuit

I saw that quote on some meme once and it’s stuck with me since :D It accurately describes how I’m gonna be stuck on my boyfriend when he gets back from a 3-week trip in Asia! He calls me a sloth because, to be honest, I sort of hang on his neck when he’s around like this little dude:

And after 3 weeks apart we only have one week together before both of us go our own ways to celebrate Christmas with out families. Why don’t we spend it together? Because Christmas is a huge deal for both of our families and we both have traditions, which neither of our families want to negotiate on.

But that’s fine, I don’t think being in a relationship means that you need to do absolutely everything together. After all, I need to cope on my own half the time anyway when he’s trying to reach the goal of visiting every single country on this planet during his lifetime. Can’t be many more countries…


There will be a lot of Christmas coverage on my blog throughout December due to 2 reasons: I absolutely love Christmas and everything to do with it; and the photography challenge includes tasks like ‘decorations’, ‘tradition’, and ‘tree’, which obviously can’t be about anything else than Christmas.

As I said, I will be spending Christmas at home in Finland with my family. When I say family that also includes cousins, aunts and everybody else’s significant others except mine :D

I will be covering our family Christmas traditions in more detail in due course, but I can reveal already that we start the day with Christmas porridge, watch the Christmas Peace Declaration on telly at 12 noon and gather together with everyone for magnificent Christmas dinner, presents, and often a board game or 2.

Photography challenge December schedule

Off to HAWAII!!

I actually can’t contain myself! I’ve been taken over by sheer happiness AND panic! Happiness because beaches and sun, and panic because the flight is gonna be longer than 2 hours… Waaaay longer! I’ve never traveled outside of Europe so the concept of jet lag is also completely foreign to me. But I guess I’m going to be well acquainted with it by the end of the year.

I am beyond grateful that my boyfriend wants me to join their manager team when they travel to Maui for the New Year! ♥

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to me, because I doubt I would ever consider flying so far myself. Fact is, my year 2018 will last one more day because the time difference is so huge. It’s really weird. I am a little bit afraid of the jet lag, though…

We leave right after Christmas and the plan is to swim, sunbathe, sunbathe, sunbathe, swim, eat, sunbathe, eat.


I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! Within just few weeks we’re already welcoming 2019. This time the settings for our New Year celebrations are a tad more exotic than ever before and also, due to time difference, my year is going to end later than it does for my friends and family. That’s bizarre :D

So far I’ve spent every single New Year in my home town, Turku, so this is going to be a first in so many ways. I’m trying to keep myself calm but in fact I am losing MY MIND cause I wanna go already! We’ve had altogether ONE day of (tiny bit) snow but I’m done with it! It’s cold, it’s slippery and it’s dark. And I am in need of a year’s worth of tanning. So let me go already!

What about you lovelies? What does the year’s last month look like for you?

Any of you lovelies been to Hawaii? Any recommendations on what to do there and what food we should definitely try would be much appreciated! Also, any tips on surviving jet lag, this way please :D xx


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