Outlandish blog daily essentials Ted Baker bag Chopard sunglasses make-up
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Day 20: My Everyday Essentials – Sneak Peak Into My Bag

Outlandish blog daily essentials Ted Baker bag Chopard sunglasses make-up

Outlandish blog daily essentials Ted Baker bag Chopard sunglasses make-up

Photography task: In my bag
Location: Turku, Finland
Camera setting: Landscape, Close up

The writing challenge for this day was actually ‘5 Things I’m Passionate About‘ but the fact is I’m tired of trying to come up with these lists. I’ve listed the things I love in the Day 1 post and my positivity hacks here and here so I think we’ve covered it. The photograph challenge for today was much more intriguing so instead of lists, let’s talk about hand bags!

I have a strict habit of never wearing the same things two days in a row. This applies to everything, from clothes to shoes to bags. The only things that almost never change are my gold bracelet and necklace, and my sunglasses.

I bought my first brand handbag at the age of about 18 when I landed my first ever full-time job. With my first salary I went to Stockmann and got myself a Guess bag. Not exactly an expensive brand, but at that age, with your own money, that 200€ felt like shed-load of money to give away.

But that bag made me happy and I still have it. The strap has suffered quite a lot, but back then I didn’t know what to look for quality-wise anyway.

I often hear that when you purchase one brand bag, you never go back to buying those cheap, broken-after-1-year bags that every other girl on the street is carrying. Instead you suddenly realize that there is an actual point in investing in quality leather.

This is exactly what happened to me. After the Guess bag I still kept on relying on H&M when it came to bags but later on I bumped into a DKNY tote that was so beautiful and perfectly spacious that I just had to have it. The kind of all occasions-bag that I could take to work and to nights out.

And since buying that bag there has been no going back to H&M accessories section. Unfortunately I can’t invest on brand bags as often as I would like to. But on the other hand, I value those purchases that much more when I am able to buy one. Like my latest brand purchase; a bright orange Furla tote, which is made of such sturdy leather that it will for sure last me a lifetime or three.

I might be biased but seriously, I recommend y’all to invest on quality leather bags. Concentrate on buying big enough classic shapes so that they will never be out of fashion. Leather is a great material because it often looks better the older it gets.

I like to pay attention to the brands’ sustainability as well as quality. This Burberry news put me off the brand for now and after learning (this was 10 years ago) that Louis Vuitton bags were basically made of plastic and in the same factory as the fake Vuittons in China, I haven’t desired one Louis Vuitton bag. Ever.

I still don’t. When I see a Louis Vuitton bag on the street the first thing that comes to my mind is “That’s an expensive piece of plastic right there”. And I don’t want to associate myself with such. So, when I put my money on a brand bag I do a little bit of research; I want to know where that bag was made and how because I don’t just want to pay for a brand, but instead for the work that was put into making the item.

Even though I change my bag every day the contents are always the same. I will not leave the house without the following:

♥ Wallet

♥ Keys

♥ Phone

♥ Tissues

♥ Chewing gum

♥ Tiny mirror

♥ Lip balm

♥ Earphones

♥ Umbrella

No matter what the occasion or how big or small the bag, these items must come with me wherever I go. OK, the umbrella might sometimes travel in my hand because it obviously won’t fit into a small clutch but it has to go everywhere with me because I can’t allow my hair to get wet if it rains.

This Ted Baker bag in the pictures is my latest addition to the collection and it has become my absolute favourite accessory; it’s a space miracle that looks absolutely fab. It’s made of really soft leather with beautiful rose gold details. And it’s PINK!

Outlandish blog daily essentials Ted Baker bag Chopard sunglasses make-up

Outlandish blog daily essentials Ted Baker bag Chopard sunglasses make-up


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