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My Favourite Shoes For This Autumn Season


One of the reasons I love Summer so much is the selection of beautiful and versatile shoes available. Summer shoes are always the most colourful and decorative, elegant and notice-worthy. Whereas winter shoes are bulky, heavy and uninspiring.

But it doesn’t need to be so! Even though shoe stores still seem to stock exactly the same shapes and shades onto their shelves when schools start in August-September, thankfully there’s been a new player in the game for a good while already; online stores!

Lack of colour often dictates in shoe stores during the winter months, which I think is a real shame. Why should we dress in dark colours while living the darkest period of the year? Nay, says I! I like to rely on tame colours, like black and brown, when it comes to the everyday basic shoes, but for evenings out I want to find something colourful that gets me noticed on the street and maybe even puts a smile on a passer by’s face.

I have collected here some of my absolute favourites from this year’s selections. If you have a problem with colours, perhaps exit this page right away.

Basic Ankle Boots

Outlandish blog fashion edition autumn trend shoes high heels style

For everyday wear we need comfort and ease when it comes to feel as much as looks. Most of us would thus prefer a shoe without a heel. The brown Pier One pair above is as classic as a shoe can get and many of us already have a pair like that in our closet.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you should definitely invest a bit more money on shoes made of sturdy leather and look after them because that way you may not need to spend money on another classic pair for a decade.

Suede is a bit problematic a material up North because of rain and snow, which tend to destroy a soft fabric like that faster than you can say “Louboutin”. But such shoes are so beautiful and they are always the most colourful so I keep buying them. I tend to take good care of them, though, so despite the horrendous weather conditions these colour spots in my closet don’t need replacing too often.

Ankle Boots with Heels

Outlandish blog fashion edition autumn trend shoes high heels style

Especially in countries where it snows in the winter a night out can be a surprisingly complex thing. Unlike girls in Scotland did in my University times, we Northeners don’t like slipping on ice in 10cm heels. If it’s a really special occasion we might pack another pair to be worn indoors to change into when we get to the venue, but I like to live a simple life and that includes investing in shoes that look good on a night out and can be walked through the frozen parking lot in.

This does mean heel, obviously, which makes the icy parking lot a challenge anyway, but with a thicker, sturdier heel your odds for staying upright increase greatly. Add a bit of sparkle on that or go for the brightest colour you can find and that’s a party-appropriate pair of shoes right there.


Outlandish blog fashion edition autumn trend shoes high heels style

Here’s the thing, whether you’re living in -20 degrees or +20 degrees’ Winter temperatures, boots belong to winter style! Nothing makes a pair of slim jeans look as great as black boots do! Couple years back the over-the-knee boots became extremely popular and they seem to have settled in because online stores are still bulging with them.

And why not! They look bloody great. Last year I invested in low-heel, basic leather boots (Caprice above) to carry me through the cold Winter months, so this year I might invest on a pair that’s more party-appropriate: heels and over-the-knee legs.

What do you think of these styles? What’s your go-to style for winter shoes?


All pictures: Zalando

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