Blogging February schedule new beginnings

February Schedule – New Beginnings

Blogging February schedule new beginnings

Blogging February schedule new beginnings

Surrounded by snow and enduring hellish temperatures of close to -20 Celsius I wonder if Spring might ever arrive to this corner of the world. But even if it doesn’t life must go on.

January went by in a whirlwind of traveling, birthdays and trying to get back on track with everything that running a blog requires. I’m finally getting the hang of things again and getting back to the rhythm of writing, photographing and creating content for social media.

That’s also why my monthly schedules are making a return after a month’s break. This year literally started like a dream, so I’m looking to the coming months with much brighter eyes than I managed to do all last year. Here’s a little recap of everything I’m planning to get done or involved in this coming February:

Making a proper plan for my blog

This year I want to really put my full effort into this happiness-project of mine. I want to see how far I can take this and whether this might just become the project that eventually allows me to resign from my current job.

Last year I concentrated on building and modifying the website and getting into grips with posting regularly and figuring out themes and subjects that I like to write about and you guys like to read and comment on. I didn’t expect to get much done within the first year but I was positively surprised! I’ve managed to grow my following slowly, but very surely, and I love the fact that you guys are also interacting with me on this blog by commenting and sending messages. I llllove it!

Support is ever so important, no matter what you do, so you guys reading this right now are a huge reason for me to believe into this blog and into the fact that I maybe, some day, might be able to support myself with it. You guys make this whole thing worthwhile and mean so much to me, so thank you to every single one of you ♥

Blogging February schedule new beginnings

Blogging February schedule new beginnings

Apartment hunting

New year and new determination. Last Autumn we discussed moving in together with my boyfriend and we started searching for apartments but didn’t go and see any of them personally. But now, with temperature in my apartment nearing 16 degrees Celsius, I am adamant on finding new living quarters for us ASAP.

I’ve got a very specific, but not too elaborate a list of requirements for our future apartment;

  • bath tub is a complete no-no
  • sauna is a must
  • apartment’s colour scheme must be neutral (it’s common to find apartments here with walls painted bright green or red…)
  • it must be located so that I can easily reach a tram to work.

Not asking too much, am I? I didn’t think so but, oh dear lord, what is this insistence on putting a bath tub in every single apartment, even the very new developments? There’s a sauna, there’s no need for a bloody bath tub! They’re dangerous (for someone who has vulnerable knees) and waste soo much water. Okay, this is definitely very much #personalopinion and I’m aware that there are plenty of people who think I must be bonkers, but here we are :)

I’m actually looking forwards to moving. I’ve moved apartments at least 9 times and 6 of those times have included moving from one country to another. You’d think that I’d never want to move again, but here I am, wishing I could pack up my apartment and get to decorate a whole new place.

Valentine’s Day

I’m gonna spill the beans here and state that Valentine’s Day is rather a discriminating celebration. And before anyone falls off their high horse I’ll add; discriminating in the form in which it is celebrated in most parts of the world. A celebration targeted specifically for couples seems soo 17th century today, when being in a relationship shouldn’t be considered as validation for your being a “proper” human being.

Thankfully I grew up in Finland, where instead of Valentine’s Day we have always celebrated 14th February as Friends’ Day. This doesn’t exclude anyone because, for most of us, our family, friends, and the possible significant others all fall into the wonderful category of ‘Friends’. But no worries, I do appreciate the fact that we can use this night as a special date night, which we don’t have too often with my boyfriend.

I love Friends’ Day, even if it sounds a bit tacky, but I appreciate every single text that I get from my friends wishing me happy Friends’ Day. Last year I booked a table from a jazz restaurant with live music for this day because my bf loves jazz. This year I’m thinking it might be nice to make this a tradition for us, but since I like a big party, I also thought about booking couple friends for the evening to go for cocktails and have a merry time together after dinner.

Nothing planned yet, nothing booked yet, but ideas are flying around in my head.

Blogging February schedule new beginnings

My first ever blogger event! ♥

I seriously can’t contain myself when thinking about this one! Vix Meldrew is one of my favourite bloggers. Her writing style is so witty and funny and her podcasts are the ones that I literally wait for every week. She’s so inspiring and her advice has literally lifted my blog to the next level.

So, one day she mentioned in her newsletter that we should ask her blogging-related questions and I sent her one. She replied with an invitation to her blogging event in London at the end of February.

I was at work when I read the email and I squealed like a pig (that’s what I sound like when I’m happily surprised). My first ever blogging event and it’s in LONDON!! I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit London for ages but my boyfriend doesn’t like the place. Finally I got an excuse to go! And what an excuse; networking and spending time in my former home city with like-minded people, yes please.

I look so much forwards to meeting all the other bloggers and hopefully to making new friends and connections. This is exactly the kind of opportunity that I have been waiting for. Now I just have one problem: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??


How’s your February looking? I’d love to hear what you lovelies are planning for Valentine’s Day! And if some of you are joining me at Vix’s event, throw me a message! xx


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