Outlandish blog model handbag accessory yellow

The Trendiest Colour This Summer And How To Accessorize With Yellow

Outlandish blog model handbag accessory yellow Outlandish blog model handbag accessory yellow

Outlandish blog model handbag accessory yellow

Outlandish blog model handbag accessory yellow

Pictures by Monika

Give me an accessory that is brightly coloured and you’ve got a happy girl!

This considered you can imagine how happy I was when I stepped into River Island in February and was engulfed by a sea of the brightest colours imaginable. Outside it was still dark almost 24/7 and there was snow and grumpy people everywhere, but in River Island it was already Summer! There were beautiful greens, blues, pinks, the most vibrant colours available both in accessories and clothes.

I, surprisingly, found myself directing my steps straight towards a bright yellow bag. Yellow!? Oh yes, yellow. A colour that has never before been seen in my closet. The colour did throw me a bit; I had to walk by it about 5 times before it finally dawned on me that there was no leaving the store without the bag.

Yellow is surprisingly pliable as an accessorizing colour; it works particularly well with black, grey and blue (or is this because I’m so used to seeing the yellow and blue together on the flag of Sweden?)

I like to pair up colourful pieces with simple outfits so that the accessories really pop. The safest option to wear an unusual colour is to either keep the outfit neutral by wearing a black&white combo or mixing gray and beige shades. Or just do as one of the main fashion trends for this Summer say and dress in monochrome. I went all-white for the above photo shoot for my precious, yellow bag.

It’s no wonder this yellow piece makes me so happy every time I see it; from a psychology point of view yellow colour resembles the following things:







In addition I recently discovered that there is an actual reason why yellow colour brings the aforementioned things and emotions to my mind in particular. And not just yellow, but every colour on the planet has a “meaning” in my head; to me each number, sound and expression has a distinct colour.

This sort of “condition” is called Synesthesia and is relatively rare, since only 1 in 2000 people are estimated to have it. Left-handed women are particularly prone to have this condition (*waving at you*) and it is most often in connection with such people having a better than average memory and being more creative.

I find this (wanting for a better word) condition delightful! I love colours particularly because they awaken so many different sensations in my head; emotions, ideas, etc. Basically I see inspiration everywhere all the time. And having been like this all my life I was actually surprised that it is in fact such a rare phenomenon. On the other hand I think it makes it that much cooler ;)

Probably because of this, I have been very happy to note that, at least in Estonia, yellow has been very well received and incorporated into people’s everyday style. It’s a true thing that colours affect how we feel (even if you’re not a synesthete), and the yellow bursts of colour here and there make passers-by smile unconsciously on the streets.

Being such a rarely seen colour in fashion it may be a bit puzzling to pair up with other colours. What goes and what doesn’t? If you find yourself struggling with yellow and how to mix and match it with other colours here’s a handy infographic for you: These are fail-safe colour options that you can pair up with yellow clothes and accessories.

Outlandish blog accessorize with yellow infograph

Different shades of yellow are an obvious and fail-safe option, as are also neutral colours, such as black, white, brown and grey + all of their different shades.

For a bolder dresser I recommend the bottom part; complimentary colours. These are also referred to as “opposite” colours, which according to colour experts, should not be mixed in an outfit. But if you have the eye and the guts I cannot see any reason why these “opposite” colours would not work with yellow. In fact, my particular favourite at the moment is mixing yellow and lila. I don’t know if it’s the synesthete in me or if those two colours simply rock. :)




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