Humour – The Ultimate Rescue

Printer doesn’t work, my laptop installed an update and, as an aftermath, went insane and there’s no sign of my salary even though today was payday. Just another day at My Life, the 2018 Edition. Oh wait, also my work phone stopped working…

So much in my life has gone wrong in such a short time that my reactions have changed from rage and frustration to the final, conclusive, only thing that I can do; just take it all as a joke. Humour is the best release from any bad situation and the situation I’ve lived in for couple of months now has been stressing me for too long.

But no more! The milk has been spilt and my limit for giving a fuck has been breached. From now on there will be no fucks given and anything that life sees fit to throw at me, I will welcome with a laugh.

With this rate I venture to guess that I will die of laughter within the next 2 weeks. But hey, what would be a better way to go if not with a smile on your face!?

Today I have already laughed at my abysmally bad productivity rates at work. This is due to malfunctioning systems but also to the fact that, as I just mentioned, there is a very limited amount of fucks that I can give per day and that limit was reached already this morning on the tram when a very scary-looking drunk builder, who was missing half of his teeth, stared at me the whole way and gave me a scary grin every time my eyes accidentally met his on the window reflection.

Thankfully a colleague of mine came to rescue immediately when I stepped out of the vehicle.

What gives me power this week are the clear-blue sky today – so much sunlight that it gives me hope that there is a life worth living somewhere… out of Estonia – and the fact that there are only 1 and a half days left of this working week before the long Easter weekend.

I am looking forwards to the weekend so much that I feel like a child who has been told she’s going to Disneyland where she will be crowned as an actual, real-life princess! I haven’t been home in Finland since New Year so finally I will get to see my best friend and get all weekend’s worth of dog therapy! <3

Unless the boat sinks.

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