Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers



Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

As January marks the beginning of a fresh new year, September does the same for us professionally; Autumn is a season full of new beginnings, whether it’s about throwing yourself into a new year of studies or another year at the office, we all somehow feel like it all starts from the beginning around about now.

Personally I love this time of year specifically because it sort of demands me to set myself some fresh new goals and start planning ahead again. Something that comes to a halt when the Sun comes out and terraces open their gates in the Spring. Because we all deserve a break for Summer, right?

The fresh new start doesn’t necessarily need to be anything big. It could be as simple a thing as cutting your hair (check!) or starting to browse job boards in case something interesting might catch your eye, even if you’re quite happy in your current job.

As my ‘more seasoned’ followers know, I have big plans in regards to this creative project of mine, the blog, and now I feel like it’s time to jump into action.

So, I would like to welcome y’all to the


I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, but back in the day it was just for my family’s and friends’ sake: while living abroad it was easier to relay all that was happening via pictures and text in a blog rather than calling everyone separately (there were no Insta stories back then).

In March this year I decided to take a bit more professional approach with my precious blog and got myself a proper domain and a plan of action.

Setting up the new blog on a new platform (I had previously used Blogspot) was an appealing challenge; I’ve always wanted to learn to construct and maintain a website, and I didn’t mind learning a bit of coding in the process as well.

Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

Finding a layout that would tick all my requirements was easier said than done: I switched and tried out multiple layouts within the first 2 months after starting off. But I couldn’t find one that I was completely, absolutely happy with. I wanted something clean and modern that would be easy to navigate but with a twist (there must always be a twist involved with me).

I also want my blog to be equally about photographs and text since I got myself a new camera in the Summer.┬áThis blog is the perfect platform to display and improve my photography skills. I absolutely love taking photographs, it’s so inspiring to capture small as well as big moments in life that you can then look back at later on.

So, I wanted to find a theme where the posts would be wide enough for displaying large photographs. Another factor I wanted to invest in was the array of fonts available; the texts have to be easy to read, rows not too close to each other or crowded, and obviously the whole thing, everything together, had to look nice and neat.

One problem that I’ve noticed with a lot of layouts is that they only work on a desktop mode, but when you check the website on your phone it looks awful; pictures are in the wrong place, the headline doesn’t fit in the screen etc. So this was a very important factor for me when choosing a layout, since I myself consume most blogs on my phone.

Having used Blogspot before I knew the difficulties with it, so I wanted to try something new as a host for my updated blog. I chose WordPress and I can warmly recommend this for anyone considering of starting a blog.

WordPress offers hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of different kinds of layouts for free. Each layout also has a PRO option, where you pay a little to get full control of the layout, and can then personalize it as much as you like.

This layout that I eventfully – after months and months of trying out different layouts – went for is called Blossom Chic and it had everything I wanted + I can modify every little aspect freely even without a PRO version. What particularly drew me towards this layout was the way that I could design the home page.

My professional background is in Marketing and having constructed, maintained and fixed multiple websites during my career I should know what to look for when it comes to the ease of maintaining the site, and what sorts of sites make people linger that little bit longer.

The main point to consider when you want to attract and keep people on your site is to

Keep it simple, stupid!

Focus on simplicity when it comes to how people can (and should) navigate your site and on cleanness when it comes to outlook. White base is always safe, a sidebar with all the important links and information included with menus clearly visible.

People should be able to see what your website is about within the first 2 seconds there. For example, the name of my website/blog doesn’t necessarily lead you to think about Fashion or Lifestyle. So it helps to have at least a category or two listed underneath your site title or somewhere easily visible on the home page. But the layout of the page and the pictures teeming on the home page should also tell you with one glance what this site is about.

So, what does the future hold in regards to Outlandish Blog? I can reveal that I have couple collaborations already in the pocket (those who detest bloggers collaborating with anyone, RUN!), some product reviews coming up as well as travelling and loads of new outfit ideas to get you through Autumn and Winter.

I will also be shedding light on why my blog is called as it is and a bit further on, perhaps in November, I will start a new post series for some Ultimate Life Hacks. Stay tuned!

So, without further ado, WELCOME again, I hope you enjoy my new blog and if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or hit me with a comment below.

Last but not least, I would LOVE to hear what you think about this new layout! Did you prefer the previous one? And what features do you look for / like when rummaging through a website or a blog? :)

Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

Outlandish blog launch new layout fashion Autumn outfit inspiration orange sunflowers

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