March Schedule Spring Celebrations

March Schedule – Spring Anticipation And Celebrations!

March Schedule Spring Celebrations March Schedule Spring Celebrations

Whoa, this year is moving fast! All of a sudden February’s gone as well, what happened?

Well, a lot of amazingly great things, that’s what happened! While I’m still struggling with the fact that most of the time I’m unable to find a photographer to take my pictures, other things in my life took a drastic turn towards better.

One Monday evening, completely out of the blue, I got a message telling me that some company would like to interview me for a job. There was no specific job description, just that it would be in relation to the company’s Social Media Marketing. I went and had a blast at the interview.

About a week later I got a call from the headhunter telling me the company had decided to hire me! But I didn’t want to tell anyone because I hadn’t heard from the company themselves yet. I didn’t want to jinx it.

A week more and I received an official job offer with a massive pay rise and a job in my industry, marketing. And you know what made them want to hire me? MY BLOG! Read on, I’ll tell you more about it later on.

And if that didn’t make me ecstatic enough there was also the trip to London! The moment we landed at Luton airport, I felt like I had just arrived home. Home! It took a wee while to get into grips with how to get to London, though, due to my phone not being able to find a 4G network.

Turns out, this is not something that Brits seem to deem too necessary… Which was baffling to me because where I’m from, it’s stated in the law that every single citizen, in every corner of the country, must have access to 4G network at all times. I found 1 provider in the end, at which point I was able to locate my bus and was off to London.

It seems my year is going to continue on the busy note, so here goes my

March Schedule

March Schedule Spring Celebrations

Welcome Spring

March is truly a month of hope; hope that the Sun still exists and might show it’s beautiful face and make this ever-gray country green and fresh again.

Spring might just be a photographer’s dream season and I cannot wait for the cherry trees to blossom again in the Kadriorg Park, and trees to get little green buds. Somehow those little buds make me insanely happy.

Last Spring, around these times, I bought myself a new camera and went practicing in the said park. It’s going to be interesting to see how my photography skills have evolved in comparison to the photos I took last year.

Spring also means that I can finally abandon all those over-sized jumpers and quilted jackets to be replaced by trench coats and silk scarves. As you know, I love a pair of heels, and now that they’re cleaning up the pavements from all those piles of gravel I can finally start sporting my most beloved heels to work.

At long last we’ve gotten rid of almost all the snow and ice, which means that I might be able to take up running again! There’s still a teeny bit of ice covering the paths in the park where I love to go running, so I will have to wait until it’s all gone. It won’t be long now!

shirt | New Look
skirt | Vila
shoes | CCC
earrings | gifted

March Schedule Spring Celebrations

Wine, Friends & Wine

In February I invested all my money on the trip to London, which meant that I literally couldn’t afford to see my friends that much. In March I will take all that back.

I’m starting the month off with drinks with my former colleague (I can already feel the hangover…), then continue with a some Virtual Reality zombie hunting (I seriously can’t wait for this!) and a nice dinner provided by the Tallinn Restaurant Week.

I also haven’t been able to visit home since Christmas, which makes this the longest time I’ve been away from Finland for 5 years. So, at the end of the month we will have another one of our Girls’ Weekends with our group from University days. We arrange get-togethers couple times a year and that means more good food, some wine and a lot of laughter.

This month is also checkered with plenty of afterworks. The main event being on the last Friday of the month, which is a team event all about wine! Yes, our team event is going to be a wine tasting (how sophisticated, eh?) arranged by my favourite wine store in Tallinn, Best Wine.

Which neatly brings me to another wine-related topic. As I’ve mentioned before, me and my boyfriend are really into wines and recently we discovered Californian wines, and learned that California is in fact the biggest wine-producing state in the United States.

We fell in love with their wines during our New Year’s trip to Hawaii. And since the aforementioned wine store happens to be located right next door from my boyfriend’s place, we ventured there to look for some Californian wine.

And didn’t we just find the most amazingly wonderful red wine ever! It’s such a small thing really, wine, but it can bring a whole new level to a happy situation, like a toast for getting a new job ;) And in fact, this month I have another  thing to raise a glass for:

March Schedule Spring Celebrations

Blog Birthday!

28th of March marks the day when I published my blog under its own domain and with a proper plan. It’s only been a year but I have learned MASSES about building a website from scratch, SEO, link building, collaborating with all kinds of people and organizations. It has all been a blast!

Even though I’ve titled this blog ‘my happiness project‘ it has gained me very welcome attention all over Europe. So much so, that the aforementioned new job was offered to me on the basis of my blog, not my extensive CV. They were really impressed with what I had built on my own and how fast this blog has been growing that, in their opinion, it was reason enough to take me on.

But I cannot skate over the fact that this blog wouldn’t bee such a success story if it hadn’t been for the support of my boyfriend. He’s a bit of a nerd when it comes to SEO and websites, so he knows all the little quirks that you can’t really learn anywhere.

He’s given me nudges to this and that direction so that I have been able to learn and find the resources that bringing a blog from hobby to a business requires. He definitely deserves a toast of his own on that special day.


I’d venture as far as saying that I have a rather nice-looking month ahead of me. What else would one want in life than friends, wine, sunshine and celebrations?

Are you as excited about Spring as I am? I’d love to hear what your March looks like, any exciting things coming up in the near future? xx


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