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My Easter in Pictures

How lovely it is to be back at home in Turku with my family and the bestest loan dogs that anyone could ever hope for. I have never appreciated being back home so much!

My Easter has consisted of walks in sunshine around the Ruissalo area and along the beach, good food, Kinder eggs(!!), the most important people in my life and even some shopping; I admired a pair of basic, black boots with heels last Autumn but I left the store without them then. Now there was still one size left, my size, and it was on sale, how lucky am I! Oh, how happy can a pair of shoes make a person!

Soon it’s time to head back to Tallinn but before that I will top-up on the hairy hugs from these two cuties and eat some mämmi (Google it!). And it may well be that they cancel my boat in the evening since they’ve already cancelled dozens of flights due to snow… As if that was a new phenomena up here :D

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