Fail safe party outfit inspiration
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My Fail-Safe Party Outfit For When There’s Nothing To Wear

Fail safe party outfit inspiration

Fail safe party outfit inspiration

Fail safe party outfit inspiration

Fail safe party outfit inspiration

You know the struggle, I’m sure: it’s Friday, last day of the week at the office and there’s that after-work event later in the evening. You have decided already on Wednesday what you will wear to the evening event but when you get home and you pull on the chosen outfit…

You’re not happy with what you see in the mirror. Not happy at all.

This is a constant struggle in the life of a woman! Why does the same outfit have to look completely different on a Friday than it did on a Wednesday? So frustrating… and time-consuming because now you have to start planning and trying on outfits from the beginning.

That’s why we should all have at least one go-to outfit for those days when we struggle to find anything worth wearing in our closet(s) to a night out. You know, those days when you feel a bit bloated or simply not inspired to put any thought into choosing an outfit.

I have a simple recipe for how you can choose such a go-to outfit!

First of all we need something that looks good even on those days when you have over-eaten or simpy don’t feel like showing off your middle section. Go for something a little bit looser with a flowy fabric that settles nicely. I like to purchase tops that are long enough to cover my ass in case I wear leather leggins or something that just doesn’t go with a behind on display.

I know leggins are a bit of a love-or-hate thing to a lot of you, but a brand new pair that isn’t loose on the knees looks nice and crisp IF your top is long enough to hide the camel toe. Black leggins are always my go-to trouser option when I’m having a clothing crisis. Black trousers or jeans would to just as well but I haven’t yet found good enough a pair.

With the loose top you could also pair a skirt (leather or a classic pencil skirt works every time). And there you have it, top and bottom done!

But this outfit looks very mainstream and plain boring as it is, so let’s pimp it up!

High heels bring a totally different level to any outfit: I have even tried pairing a pajama with a pair of nice black stilettos and guess what? It looked totally fine :D So pop a pair of stilettos on and you’ve already turned the volume of the outfit up a couple notches.

Add a piece or two of your favourite jewelry or just go with one statement piece and voila: the boring top-trouser combo has been turned into a night-out appropriate outfit. All you need now is some eye shadow or just a nice and colourful lipstick and you are ready to roll.

This go-to outfit that you can see in the pictures is my ultimate savor at least once a month. Not necessarily always that top but the leggins-top-heels-statement jewelry combo is what I always go for if my formerly decided outfit doesn’t please me at the zero hour. It’s very basic, yes, but somebody wise once said something that works as a fine guideline with style as well as in life:

“Keep it simple, stupid!”


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