My goals for 2019

My Goals And Hopes For 2019

New year, new me, right?

Most often than not I can’t sign this statement but this year I sure will attempt to live up to it! For the past 3 years I’ve been living in such a bubble of confusion and, I guess, some level of depression.

So bad have these past years been that I completely forgot what I was most passionate about! I’ve been so lost trying to think what it is that I want to do with my life, but failing again and again to come up with anything worthwhile. It took a trip to New York and a discussion with my boyfriend and his colleague on all matters branding until that light bulb finally went on:

Study branding

Branding is the subject I’m most interested in and what I have the most input on. Heck, I even wrote my Bachelor’s Degree about branding!

It’s been almost 10 years since I graduated from Uni but even though I’ve done a little bit of branding-related work, most of my recent work experience is from Digital Marketing and IT. So, since my credentials aren’t quite enough to allow me to launch a job I need to take initiative and put myself on the path of self-teaching.

A subject I’ve avoided as far as I could. But I no longer have other options! Changes need to happen and for them to happen I need to take action. I’m pretty pumped, though! There are so many options these days on getting one’s hands on books on any given subject both offline and online.

If you guys have any suggestions on an app I should use to download and read books, please let me know in comments below ♥

My goals for 2019

Apply for branding-related jobs

All this time, that I’ve spent lost in my uncertain haze, I’ve, of course, known that Marketing is my chosen industry, but Marketing is an enormous field.

I enjoy and am interested in Digital Marketing, and I even took some online courses on the matter, but I sometimes caught myself thinking if SEO and updating social media accounts really was what I wanted to do 8 hours a day. It seemed like a too narrow a job description.

Sitting at that pizzeria in New York, chatting with my boyfriend and his colleague while enjoying one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten, I realized that I had so much to say, so much information and observations of human behavior in regards to brands and branding, that just talking about the subject made me feel good and confident.

This is it, this is my field! Realizing this makes my job hunting a billion times easier, for sure. No more wasting hours on perfecting my application letters to jobs that I don’t feel too passionate about to begin with.

But first I need to realize the first goal of brushing up on my skills on branding because this time around I want to do things properly.

My goals for 2019

Move out of Estonia

This has been happening for 3 years now. But now it finally needs to happen! There has been complication after complication, which I’ve interpreted to myself as excuses to stay here a little longer.

In a way I guess it’s been worth it. I’ve made so many new friends in a small space of time and obviously my boyfriend has made staying here many times easier than what it might have been. But I’m not happy here. Never have been and never will be. And the reason for that is simple: climate.

My body and mind literally work on solar power; the moment evening arrives and darkness descends my body runs out of power. Considering that during winter months it’s dark here 18 hours a day, it really is impossible for me to cope. And the cold… Dear goodness I hate being cold!

Focus on ME

For the past couple of years I’ve put much more focus on everybody else on my own expense. I can’t say it’s been a bad decision, after all those are people I most care about.

But putting my needs and wants in regards to work and living on hold because I waited for someone else to determine what’s going to happen and when has only prevented me from fulfilling my full potential. This year I will not be waiting around for other people to make their minds up. Instead I’m gonna go with whatever I want and need.

This year has to be more about me or otherwise I will be stuck in this hopeless limbo for another miserable year.

With my focus largely on my beloved blog and my newfound passion for branding, and jobs related to that field, should enable me to move forwards this year. Personally I feel really optimistic about this year, and I hope I will be able to keep this positivity up.

I just turned 30 as well (yesterday) so if there’s time to start living my life to the fullest it surely is NOW.

What sort of goals are you concentrating on this year? xx

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