Travel Goals Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List For 2019

It’s only March but so far my year has bee insanely brilliant when it comes to traveling! In 2019 I have already visited:

New York

And for some reason this trend seems to be what’s dictating my 2019 from now on as well. As you probably know, I’m starting a new job in April. In addition to it meaning that I’m returning to my own field, Marketing, it hopefully also means that there will be some traveling involved as part of my work.

Why do I make such a fuss about traveling? Well, because the ability to travel out of my own city and country has very greatly affected the person that I am today. I have grown immensely much and in ways which would never have been possible if I had stayed in the (relative) safety of Finland.

I’ve also formed some of my life’s most important friendships along the way (and made my best friend cry when I shared this post with her), without whom my life would not be as awesome as it is.

Traveling truly broadens horizons and I guess I get along with all kinds of people because I have had to adapt to a new culture and environment so many times within just the past 10 years. This may sound like an awful thing to do to oneself, but honestly, I am a better person because I’m so well traveled.

Nothing teaches you about life like meeting and talking with people from different cultures and backgrounds does.

But I don’t know if my future work will include traveling, so I’ve made sure this year still looks adventurous enough for me by making travel plans here and there. Here’s what my travel bucket list so far looks like.

Rummu | Patarei | Keila waterfalls

Travel Goals Bucket List Travel Goals Bucket List

Let’s start with some local travel, because fact is, traveling doesn’t necessarily have to mean going abroad! Local travel can be just as much fun, is much more affordable, and you may be surprised what wonders your surrounding areas holds.

I sure was surprised when I heard about the 3 aforementioned places here in Estonia! Obviously one can expect historically interesting places considering Estonia’s recent history, but for me, who loves a ghost story, hearing about the Patarei prison and Rummu was a pooping-my-pants moment.

So, everything started when my brother texted me that the legendary Patarei prison is going to be opened for tours again this Spring. I’ve wanted to see the ghastly place since I heard about it, so I started planning immediately!

The ruin of a prison opens in May and since my brother would drive here from Finland, we could make a whole road trip out of it, and go see places outside of Tallinn as well. So, Rummu and Keila waterfalls it was!

Rummu I have already visited: it’s another old Soviet prison and a sunken quarry. Like Atlantis but much more grim, and that much more cooler. But my brother hasn’t seen it, and I don’t mind at all visiting the place again. You can read the story of the place in my earlier post about it.

On the way to Rummu I want to stop by the Western coast of Estonia at the Keila waterfalls. Estonia is a flat country, no hills or natural formations of any sort, so you’d never expect to find something like waterfalls here. But the pictures I’ve seen of the Keila falls are like a mini Nicaragua. I gotta see that place!

And Patarei, oh my goodness! It’s an old wreckage of a prison with an execution room (rarety in Northern Europe!) on the coast of Tallinn. It’s a scary fortress and it’s been falling apart for decades, so to think that they still kept prisoners there in as late as 2009 seems unbelievable.

The place holds hundreds, maybe thousands of incredible stories, all probably more miserable than the next but oh boy, I wanna hear them all!


Travel Goals Bucket List

I don’t know how this has happened, but I’ve never been to Italy.

I’m 30 and I’ve never been to Italy! That must be some sort of a crime, right? So, since moving to Estonia, and hearing that one of the very few places to which they have straight flights is Milan, I’ve wanted to correct the situation.

As we all know, Milan is the mecca of Fashion, which does appeal to me very much. But to be quite honest, I’m even more drawn to the food and lifestyle side of things there. I also love the overboard-architecture in Italy, the amazingly decorative buildings act as such an inspiration source to me.

So, hopefully in May I will be able to realize this dream of a lifetime and finally get to see a little bit of Italy!


Travel Goals Bucket List

Eastern Europe still has a bit of a negative twang for some people. But it really shouldn’t! After spending 2 of the happiest years of my life in Bratislava, Slovakia, and traveling around Central and Eastern Europe, I realized what amazing treasures that corner of our continent holds.

So, it’s time to shake off all those thoughts of Eastern Europe being just a wreck of Soviet Union with nothing but graffited ruins everywhere. I can reveal that this notion is completely untrue! Let’s not forget that long before the Soviets, most of Eastern Europe belonged to one of the biggest and most glamorous empires in existence.

The amount of castles in Eastern European countries is incomprehensible. No wonder I’ve completely fallen in love with that part of the continent. On top of which the people there are the kindest, most welcoming and simply the most warm-hearted people I have ever had the honor to meet.

Since I’ve already traveled to a lot of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, this year I wanted to see some new places. First up, Romania! The way we want to do this big country is to rent a car and go for a road trip.

For that reason we need to make sure that my boyfriend can join us because we don’t trust anyone else to drive the car :D I’ve wanted to visit Romania for years, and I’m so excited to visit as many castles there as we possibly can.


Travel Goals Bucket List Travel Goals Bucket List

For some inexplicable coincidence, my best friend couldn’t make it to my 30th birthday bash, and I also missed her 30th surprise party. It was a mean quirk of life that I simply couldn’t accept! So, I called my best friend and asked told her that we will be going on a birthday trip somewhere together this year.

Around the same time they announced that WizzAir is starting flights from Turku to Skopje in July, so we settled for that. A quick round in Google convinced me that this was definitely a place worth seeing, and with flights costing under 100€, take me there!

Macedonia is one of the few places in Europe that people don’t really know about. While countries around it, like Albania and Croatia, are fast growing their popularity as tourist destinations, this small country has managed to slip under the radar. And I like a place that isn’t teeming with tourists!

On this trip I definitely want to go for a hike in the Matka Canyon and to the Treska lake. Nature in that part of Europe is beyond stunning. It’s something that many of us Europeans would never expect to see here.


Do you lovelies have any places that you’d really, really like to see during your lifetime? I’d also love to hear about your possible travel plans for this year. xx


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