Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels
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My Unspoken Style Rules – Stand-Out Elements And Planning Ahead

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog style rules fashion trends

Pictures by Monika <3

Am I the only one or are there more of yous who have a habit of choosing your outfits according to some, perhaps unconscious, “style rules”? You know, those unspoken habits and routines that govern your choosing an outfit.

I’ve come to realize that I have a very clear routine and a set of rules that I follow when I put together outfits. I’m quite a pedant person anyway; I like certain things to be precisely so or properly done, so I guess it makes sense that this applies to my outfits as well.

I thought I’d bring forth some of these unspoken style rules in case there are more of us particular fashionistas. But I guess it’s safe to note, that this is a recap of my style rules and my style is no worse or better than the next person’s ;)

My style is all about femininity, knowing and emphasizing my best features, and always adding in something that stands out from the crowd. And with this I do not mean a revealing-sort of style. :P

In my view style is a very important factor in how we represent ourselves on a daily basis, which is why I put some effort into choosing my outfits according to the occasion: whether it’s a day at the office, dinner with friends or a date.

For example, I have a lot of clothes that are not office-appropriate so I don’t get to wear them very often. Such clothes include shorts, short skirts, lace tops, crop tops and statement shirts and bags. But I did buy all those pieces to be worn, so when there’s an opportunity to dress up in one of these “special” pieces I leap at the chance.

I like to play around with different fabrics, colours and patterns when it comes to style. To keep classic pieces, such as a white T-shirt interesting, it’s nice to mix things up a little and add an element of surprise in there. And as our personal styles do give out all kinds of messages of our personalities as well, I like to keep on top of the issue.

Stand-out pieces 

I have never been one who likes to stay out of the spotlight. Au contraire, I seek the spotlight! I would never want to drown in the crowd and be unnoticed, which is most irregular a way to think for a Finn.

I differentiate myself from the crowd by adding some statement pieces, bold colours or surprising fabrics into the mix. Most often I use bold colours, like adding a bright yellow bag or neon pink heels into otherwise tame outfits.

I myself like seeing such visual stimulus, for example, on the bus stop in the morning. It’s not much but I’d rather see nicely dressed people and colourful pieces first thing in the morning rather than everybody dressed in black and gray with matching expressions. And if such a small thing brings even the smallest joy into my mornings then it must be doing so for others as well and I’m happy to be one of those ‘joy-bringers’.

This sort of style-rule isn’t any kind of a surprise to people who know me, because it matches my personality; I’m quite loud, there’s not one shy-bone in me and I don’t mind attention. I’ve heard that our style often represents our personality and I guess I am a practical example of that.

Always high heels

An outfit is not complete unless a pair of high heels is incorporated in it! This is a style rule I will not be flexible on. In my experience even kitten heels have an effect on your posture and the way you carry yourself. Your legs look longer and skinnier, and there is an inevitable feeling of extra-confidence when you’re wearing a good-looking pair of heels.

OK, heels are not for everyone, I get it. They do require a bit of an effort walking-wise, if one is to avoid looking like a crawling elephant, and most people’s feet can only take so long in an attitude like that. You don’t necessarily need heels to look great, but for me they are a must.

A simple tip that works always; if you feel like your outfit is missing something, just add a pair of heels to it and I can guarantee it lifts even a pajama to a whole new level.

Planning ahead

They say “Well planned is half done.” I completely agree with that since I am a Project Manager by nature; everything I do has a point and an order of execution. This also shows in my style philosophy. When it comes to style I apply planning on everyday basis as well as “on the long run”, for example when packing a suitcase for a holiday (more on this subject coming on Saturday!)

For me practicality is key to keeping my life on the right track and organized enough. This shows in the fact that I want to make sure my style is in form, suits its purpose and is ready to go when I need it. And that’s why I plan and prepare an outfit for the next day always a day before. I lay the chosen clothes on my bedroom couch so that I can just throw them on in the morning and get going. Quick and practical.

Of course sometimes my planning efforts cannot keep up with the weather gods and instead of sunshine it might be raining the next morning. Even though I am quick to react and adapt to changing situations I can’t deny that the outfits that I put together in the morning, instead of the previous night, aren’t as cohesive and great-looking as the outfits that I have had time to put some effort and thought into. But as long as I don’t turn up at the office in a crop top or a mini skirt I should be fine.


After all, the way we dress does actually tell surprisingly much of each of us and our personalities. It’s all about representing yourself, so some effort should be put into our daily looks, in my humble opinion.

It may well be that I have OCD issues when it comes to style but it is really important to me to represent myself as a woman, employee, and just as a person in the best possible way. That’s why I’m happy to spend 2 minutes a day choosing an outfit for the next day with care. In the end it’s a small effort that can, at the best of days, have a positive impact.

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

Outlandish blog what I wore outfit inspiration lace high heels

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