Outlandish blog ode to croissant power breakfast

Ode To The Croissant – My (Unhealthy?) Power Breakfast

Here’s the thing; I didn’t really – I mean properly – appreciate life before I started enjoying a simple, fresh croissant with my very important coffee each morning.

This routine became possible while I was working in an IT company in Bratislava and there were cafés on 2 floors where fresh croissants were available every single morning, 365 days a year for the price of 80cents. Add a cup of americano on that and you have a tasty, feel-good start for every day.

But then I moved away. I moved to a country where croissants were not a mainstream item in cafés. Or if it was the croissants were made of healthy grain flour or other healthy stuff that tastes around the same as having a cardboard box for breakfast would taste. No thank you!

This was a classic case of “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it”. This little treat each morning had a much bigger impact on how my days would turn out to be than I ever expected and losing it really meant that something substantial was missing.

Outlandish blog ode to croissant power breakfast

But now I’ve made a discovery! I thought it was a mistake leaving work so early to go to a job interview but it turned out a brilliant idea when I found myself standing in front of the building with half an hour to spare. Thankfully there was a nice-looking Carmen Café on the ground floor so I popped in. And I found myself standing at the counter staring at a plate of croissants.

Turns out they have fresh croissants available every morning. And! The café just happens to be on my way to the tram stop each morning.

My life is complete again. Balance has been reached and there is hope for humankind. My days will be so much better from now on with this bestest, tastiest, simplest, induglent addition.

Have a Happy Friday y’all! :)

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