Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm
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My New Obsession: Lee Stafford’s CoCo LoCo Hair Balm

Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm

I have a massive problem. And that problem is my hair.

Probably the most common hair-related problem all around the world is having frizzy hair and natural curls that can’t be tamed. In my case, it is the complete opposite problem; my hair is too straight.

As Scandinavian as can be, my hair is thin, fragile, light but heavy (oh yes), and so stubbornly linear that it’s impossible to shape. For years I’ve searched for hair products that could be able to tame this freak of nature hanging off the top of my head, and it hasn’t been an easy journey.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve recently switched from market beauty products to more expensive brand products. This has been a particularly good move in regards to my hair, which is almost as demanding as its carrier.

In the past I’ve been applying hair oil to the tips of my hair, which are visibly damaged even 2 days after a haircut. The oil helps to some extent, but apparently my hair is of the more thirsty kind, so the smoothing effect wears off during the day.

But now I’ve discovered the ultimate life saver for rejuvenating and smoothing Scandinavian hair!

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Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm

CoCo LoCo Coconut Hair Balm

I wasn’t aware of Lee Stafford and his range of hair products until I was recently introduced to them at a blogger event in Edinbrugh. Our goody bags included a range of Lee Stafford’s products, and as faith would have it, my bag included his coconut balm for hair.

When I saw the little tin box with bright pink branding, I immediately reached for it.

First Impressions

As a sustainable fashion enthusiast, I like a beauty product that says “less is more.” And that’s exactly what it said at the back of this little tin box. The facts that those 3 words tell me are that this product is




Exactly what I want! I hate running to the store every few weeks to buy another plastic bottle because the previous one ended after 3 uses. Such waste of time, effort, and especially environment.

Another thing that I really liked was the notion of “use however, wherever, whenever, on wet or dry hair.” My hair has a certain unpredictability about it, and its own mind. It may decide to frizzy up on a dry sunny day without a warning, so this product seemed made for me.

Inside the tin box I found deliciously smelling, hard coconut balm. Coconut balm is a funny substance, though, because it immediately goes soft when you take a bit of it in your hand.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of coconut; I had a very traumatic experience with a Bounty bar as a child, and have steered clear of any coconut-related food products since. But in regards to beauty products, I don’t know anything more delicious than a coconut smell in your hair.

I kept opening the little can throughout the rest of the evening, and while traveling home from Edinburgh the next day, because the smell was surprisingly soothing. And as terrible as my flight home then turned out to be, I’ll take anything that soothes me! (Well… perhaps not anything.)

Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm

Using The Product

When I got home, I immediately applied a pea-size droplet (as advised on the box) of the product to the ends of my hair. I must admit, I was skeptical that this would have any effect, since I’ve been pushing a visit to the hairdresser for way too long, and oh dear, it shows!

I then rolled my hair up to a bun on top of my head, and spent the day on the beach. I also slept with the same bun on.

The next morning, when I opened the bun, my hair didn’t fall down in a frizzy, dangly mess, but in smooth curls. Of course it did, after 24 hours in a bun. But the difference in my hair’s quality was already visible.

Smooth, and could almost pass for healthy hair. Almost! I applied some more and left my hair open for the day while I worked at home office.

Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm

About the Brand

Lee Stafford is an award-winning hairdresser in London who spent his childhood running around the house kitchen scissors in hand attempting to cut anyone’s hair who would stay still long enough.

After opening his own hair salong he got tired of using products from multiple brands without knowing exactly what was in those products. His answer to the problem: creating his own product line.

When I first popped over to his website, I was greeted with bright attack of PINKness! I immediately thought “We’d get along!

And while reading about his story, and about the product range, what really appealed to me was the guarantee of Lee Stafford’s products being animal test-free. This seems to be an important issue to him, as well as to his customers, just as it should be.

Product Review Coco Loco Hair Balm

Impressions Of The Product

After using the product every day for a week my hair has already gone through a transformation. Perhaps not visible to anyone else but me, who spends 10 minutes every morning evaluating the state of my hair.

My hair is now thicker (clearly tangible when making a ponytail!) and the ends, that I thought to be long gone, have repaired to an amazing extent. Of course, not completely repaired, so I did book a hairdresser, but the fact that the effect was visible, tells me that this shit works!

The difference between using coconut balm and a hair oil seems to be that hair oil isn’t that visible on the hair. My hair, in particular, absorbs the oil almost immediately, and the hair is left looking natural.

Coconut balm is thicker and probably includes more moisturizing elements, so my hair doesn’t absorb it as quickly. For an hour after applying my hair looks like it’s a little bit “wet”. But not too much so, since the ends of my hair are now straight instead of pointing to every possible direction.

High marks for this balm from me! This will defo become an essential in my beauty box from now on. What I will do next is to get my hands on more Lee Stafford’s products!

Are you familiar with this brand? I’d love to hear what you thought of his products, what should I buy next? ♥


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