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Q3: What Can I Do to Make Myself More Successful?

People sometimes ask which historic figure you would like to meet. I guess Marilyn Monroe is often the first answer that comes to mind for both, men and women. But not to me. The person I would like to have a proper conversation with is the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, an author and a great thinker, Winston Churchill. Why? Because everything he has ever said in his long and significant life has had an absolute point and I love a person who can make a point!

I quite recently heard of another quote by this man which I hadn’t heard before:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

So spot on that I would like to scream it outloud on the streets! I know this to be true from experience because my life has been a series of failures but somehow I have always managed to bounce back after each one, tried to learn from my mistakes and moved on. I’ve often wondered how on Earth I still have such drive in me, such a hunger to show the world what I can do even though life throws me around. Constantly.

So, this week’s question of how I could be more successful sort of confuses me. Because I truly believe that Mr. Churchill is correct, in which case I am already successful. Have been all my life. Do I need to be any more successful than I am right now considering that all I seem to be able to do is try to stay above the surface when life attempts to drown me in shit? Because I still believe in myself and in the fact that one day, one fucking day I will have that dream job and that’s when I will look back at all of this and laugh.

At the end of the day success is not a measurable matter; everybody defines their own success. For one person a certain professional title is the ultimate target and their measure of when they think of themselves as successful. Another person, who already has that particular title in the pocket, doesn’t see his/her job as a success-factor at all, for them it’s just a job. Third person thinks that when they have a happy marriage and 2 healthy children, that’s when they are successful.

The ultimate success, in my view, is if on the very last day on this Earth I can look back and know that I have lived a life worth living and have no regrets. Multiple studies have shown that most dying people lament on all the things that they didn’t do, try or reach during their lifetime. They regret so much just before they are gone. And for me that seems like an awful way to go, dwelling in such misery.

I’m gonna carry Churchill’s words with me from now on and if ever I get to the point when I’m about to lose hope and all enthusiasm to carry on I will remember them. Failing, for me, is inevitable anyway so I might just as well turn it into something positive. A success.



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