Road trip Australia Sidney to Adelaide

Road Trip Through Australia: Sidney to Adelaide

Road trip Australia Sidney to Adelaide

What is your ultimate dream travel destination?

A little while back I was talking with a friend about where we’d like to travel to, and what our ultimate favourite destination would be and why. Largely thanks to Masterchef Australia, I ended up with Australia as my ultimate dream destination.

Amazing scenery and wildlife combined with awesome climate and beaches, yes please! Since the discussion I’ve found myself, on multiple occasions, on Pinterest reading through blog post after picture post on Australia.

And what I found out was this; going to Australia for a week or two wouldn’t be enough for me at all, due to the country’s size. Within one enormous island you’ve got tropical forests, deserts and enormous, vibrant cities with beaches rivaling with Rio de Janeiro.

Australia is larger a continent than Europe but still I would opt for exploring this beautiful country via the road, and concentrate specifically on the Southern part of Australia’s coast while cruising on our Bayswater Car Rentals‘ vehicle of choice.

I don’t know where I got so much inspiration lately (perhaps from the idea of the approaching Hawaii trip), but I did some research again. And now I’d like to ask you to join me on an imaginary trip through the coastline of Australia:

Starting off from Sidney

No matter where you come from, it’s most likely that you will fly to Sidney, so that’s the likeliest place for starting our road trip. Sidney is, of course, famous for

The Opera House

Bondi Beach and

fireworks on Darling Harbour

I’d perhaps spend a day or two in Sidney preparing for the road ahead and enjoying some of the most famous landmarks on the planet. While there, remember to get everything ready for the epic road trip; put together a good playlist, small snacks, water(!) and plenty of jolly atmosphere.

The first leg of the trip will be the motorway inland.

Road trip Australia Sidney to Adelaide

Next stop the capital, Canberra

The drive from Sidney to Canberra takes approximately 3 hours, so not bad at all. But when arriving there, remember that you are now in the capital. This is something that easily gets confused; no, Sidney is not the capital, even if it may be the most famous city in Australia.

There’s plenty to see and do in Canberra, but one of the must-sees is the Parliament House, which is the home of Australian national democracy. From what I found out through my research, I’d say one night in Canberra will suffice, and instead spend couple days more in Sidney.

While there relax, eat well and prepare yourself for the awesome next part of the road trip, driving through mountains and down to Melbourne.

No rush on the way to Melbourne

The journey from Canberra to Melbourne is quite long, so splitting it into two or three days would be preferable. Definitely choose the route through the mountains and stop here and there for some beautiful scenic spots.

Thredbo looks absolutely amazing and I never knew there could exist such an Alps-like scenery anywhere in Australia. This is definitely an often missed part of the New South Wales, so make sure you’re not one of those missing it!

Melbourne can lay claim to some of Australia’s biggest and best tourist spots. For starters, it has the biggest stadium in the country: the Melbourne Cricket Ground. There you can watch Aussie Rules, cricket, music concerts and, depending on the time of year, football (the real one!)

This is a dreamland for sport fans because you can also find the home of the Australian Open on Canberra. But for those who do not get overly excited about sports, there is an island called Phillip Island, where you can see the fairy penguin parade in addition to wildlife beyond beliefs, pristine white beaches and, for those in need of some speed, motor sports and all kinds of other family fun.

Road trip Australia Sidney to Adelaide

Ending the epic trip through Great Ocean Road

The road trip’s finale is in Adelaide, but to get there one should drive along the Great Ocean Road. On the way there are multiple places worth stopping to see waterfalls in Lome and the world-famous Twelve Apostoles. Instead of just driving through, check the road ahead and book couple or more places to stop at to take in all the awesomeness.

Arriving to the finale in Adelaide is well rewarded by the Glenelg beach town and the amount of amazing vinyards, chief among them the Jacob’s Creek vinyards. I am a firm lover of their wines here in Estonia, so being able to go to their actual vinyard, and perhaps taste some of the wines, would be such a dream!

And since this is the point where you hand over the keys, why not enjoy life a little extra and have another glass of that great wine, eh? ;)


Aaand back to reality *ZZZAP*

Welcome back to your office cubicle, kitchen table, sofa, or wherever it was where you embarked on this journey with me. How are you feeling? I sure feel like booking that bloody trip right this moment!

But perhaps I’ll do Hawaii first and then see if Jacob’s Creek might be big enough of a lure to my boyfriend to accompany me on a road trip to Australia.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post! Was this style a miss or a hit in your opinion? Or would this be a good formula for talking about my travels overall? xx


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