Outlandish blog September goals Autumn bucket list candles colours cozy

Day 24: September Goals And Autumn Favourites

Outlandish blog September goals Autumn bucket list candles colours cozy

Outlandish blog September goals Autumn bucket list candles colours cozy

Photography task: Animal
Location: Turku, Finland
Camera setting: Landscape, Clos up

The time is fast approaching when we have to admit to ourselves that Autumn is actually closing in on us as August draws to an end. The days are getting shorter, darkness is getting stronger and nature starts to wilt.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

After the rowdy summer of running between the beach and the sunny terraces it’s quite nice to welcome this inevitable relaxing period that September often turns out to be. Darkness makes me very tired so basically, when the night falls, my body automatically goes to sleep. And when darkness arrives earlier every day it means that I go to sleep earlier every day. But I’ve found ways to cope with this.

These are my favourite things about Autumn:


I hate layers when it comes to clothes but September-October is a special period for me in this sense. Autumn is always the fashion season that I look forwards to the most! The colour palettes and warm fabrics make me feel all cozy.

My ultimate favourite Autumn outfit is black shorts paired up with bright orange tights and a beige or a white, woolly pullover. You can see me strutting around in that outfit every single year and, since those are all classic pieces, the outfit never goes out of style.

I will make a separate report about this year’s Autumn/Winter trends but here’s a little sneak peak at the things that are making my socks roll in my feet the coming season:

Print: Animal

Material: Leather

Fabric: Silvery metallic lycra

Colour: All shades of brown

Accessory: Silk scarf

Candle light

Nothing makes a home feel more like home as lighting candles after work does. Put on your favourite feel-good movie series (Harry Potter works every time) and enjoy a glass of good wine in the warm glow. For that little while life is perfect.

Moving back up North I have had to learn to love Autumn and I gotta pat myself on the back; with the aforementioned recipe I have actually started to look forwards to Autumn. I mean, wtf :D There’s just no feeling like the one that you get on a rainy September afternoon coming to your warm home and lighting some candles on the windowsill.

The atmosphere is unique and only possible to reach in September-October. When things turn to November it all goes to shit.

Admire the Autumn colours

There’s something seriously magical about ruska (Finnish word for the unique phenomena that is the Autumn colours). I like to venture back home to Turku during this magical period and go for a walk in the Ruissalo National Park by the sea. It’s amazing.

If you’re looking for an ultimate relaxing getaway then I can seriously recommend Finland in the Autumn: yeah, it will probably rain but there is a guarantee of silence and solitude if you want them. And as a cherry on top; beautiful scenery and display of the most cheerful colours: yellow, orange and red.

Halloween and pumpkins

OK, Halloween doesn’t have anything to do with September but I’ll still add it to the list because I love it! Any excuse to bring a bit of partying into the worsening darkness is a welcome cheer-up!

Another particularity about Autumn that I love especially is the pumpkin season. Not in the sense that we would carve scary faces into pumpkins but instead on the food front. I love soups, especially puree soups. And nothing, I mean nothing can beat a good pumpkin soup with a pinch of chili or cayenne pepper.

Pumpkin soup always brings to my mind Aberdeen, Scotland and this one pub, Old Blackfriars on the Castle Square, which quickly became a living room for me. Most days after Uni. I would stop by in the pub to enjoy a bowl of soup before scuttling across the square to my actual home. God I miss British pubs and the unique, cozy atmosphere in them.

The best pumpkin soup, however, I enjoyed in Budapest, Hungary in some big hipster restaurant but the name and location escapes me completely. If I could cook I would probably live on pumpkin soup through September-October. But since I can’t cook, I instead head into a restaurant to enjoy a proper soup with all of my fingers safely attached to my hands.

I’d love to hear what sort of plans you have for the coming season? :)

Outlandish blog September goals Autumn bucket list candles colours cozy


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