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The Summer Essentials I’m Loving This Season

Outlandish blog summer essentials Dubrovnik Croatia

It wouldn’t be Summer if I hadn’t burnt my nose and accidentally gotten those ridiculous tan lines that you can’t hide (*cursing the tank top*). Summer is the best time to be alive (in fact I strongly believe that Winter is not needed ever, anywhere for anything!) but even though your mind and your outfits follow a lighter theme one should not forget to maintain the basic level of life essentials.

My arsenal of Summer essentials year after year include the constants, like a suntan lotion and bikinis, but here up North we must also be prepared for quick changes in weather; it was only couple years ago when Finland witnessed snowing in June. So, my list of Summer essentials might differ a bit from the most common ones, but it’s pretty practical for all climates and lifestyles.

Let’s start with the ones I use every day regardless of the month:

Hair oil

No matter what time of the year, my hair needs extra care. It’s the Scandinavian type; thin and see-through as a strand on a spider’s web, and weak af. Despite this, and the fact that I don’t have particularly much hair to boast about anyway, it’s super heavy, which means that if I leave it untouched it will hang flat like a wet cloth. I bet a lot of Emo-youngsters could appreciate the ability to hide behind this curtain of dead-looking hair, but I would rather work on it to make it at least resemble¬†a healthy-ish set of hair.

To do that I need to apply hair oil daily. Sometimes even 3 times a day.

My hair doesn’t get frizzy, it doesn’t curl (no matter how many hot irons you show to it) and it sure doesn’t stay up on a ponytail without a huge metal “pin”. But the oil makes it at least a bit more manageable and gives it just enough structure to get it off my face when I’m eating or sunbathing.

But hair oils aren’t life-savors only for Scandinavian hair; a lot of them include vitamins that nurture hair and protect it from the harmful UV-rays, so it’s definitely something that I recommend to be included in all of our beach bags.


As a teenager I went through the acne-period, which got so bad that rough methods were required; I had to take a pill each day for 6 months and it¬†completely dried out my skin. Sounds awful but it worked! But I had to avoid getting any suntan on my face for about 2 years because if I burnt myself, the risk of getting skin cancer was extra high. This meant that by the time I was again able to sunbathe completely, my face had lost all of it’s natural colour.

That was over 10 years ago but still my face is the one part of me that doesn’t get tanned. Pisses me off, because a tanned face is a healthy-looking face! My nose burns, usually multiple times per Summer, but none of the sunshine seems to stick. That is why bronzers have been my lifeline for years and years. Wearing bronzer is the only way for me to look like I’m in fact not a walking dead.

It’s so easy, you just swish a little bit on top of your cheek bones and that’s that, you look great (read: alive). But bronzer needs to be worn with a little bit of care. There are way too many examples of bronzer being applied completely wrong, usually meaning that too much of it is used. Always make sure that your neckline is the same colour as your face to avoid going overboard with it.


In addition to my constant set of gold jewelry, UV-protected sunglasses are a must up in the North throughout Summer as well as Winter. Sunshine reflecting from the white snow can be surprisingly dangerous for your eyes. And in the Summer it’s not only damaging, it’s also very bright and at least I struggle to see where I’m going without a pair of sunnies.

I’m not big at wearing hats (and I haven’t had much reason to) but I do own one particular hat that just screams for the beach. This Summer season statement straw hats are the trendiest accessory, so this rarely worn piece of headware was a constant companion on our trips and travels around Croatia last week (stay tuned for travel updates and tips!).

So, keep it stylish and protect yourself against sunstroke with the trendiest accessory this season.

Something to keep you warm

I’m not gonna list the obvious things that every single one of us automatically think of when we’re talking about Summer essentials, like a bikini. You’ve got it covered without me reminding you, I’m sure ;)

BUT the fact is that when the night falls it gets cold. For me it’s particularly important to always have a scarf or a sweater with me wherever I go. Even walking under a shadow on a warm day is enough to make me shudder from cold. It’s always better to be safe than sorry so pack a nice looking scarf in your bag when going to, for example, a dinner.

A killer playlist

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I need music in my life. Here follows my “embarrassing” confession; I’m the one who still carries an MP3 player everywhere she goes, what?!

No, it’s not because I would have something against modern technology, it’s just that my obsession with practicality shows in this regard as well:

I can fit an MP3 player in my pocket (or my bra when running because god forbid anyone from designing nice looking running trousers with pockets), whereas smart phones today are waaay to big to shove down the pocket of my shorts and simply impractical. I also like to listen to my favourite songs over and over again, so one playlist goes a long way for me. Of course I update it all the time, but as I’m very particular with the books that I read, I’m also very particular with the songs that I allow to fill my days.

What’s included in your list of Summer essentials?

Outlandish blog summer essentials Dubrovnik Croatia


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