Photography challenge breakfast flat lay

Day 8: 3 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Photography Challenge Day 8:


The word ’bundle’ immediately brings to my mind Sundays and slow mornings. Lying in bed huddled in my duvé for as long as is humanly possible. If my boyfriend’s at home he might move to the living room and lounge on the couch so I gather the duvé and move the bundle-me to the couch as well. Sunday mornings are also the only days in a week when I have breakfast.

So, today’s photography task of ’bundle’ made me think about flat lay photography and breakfast. And here’s the result; an unapologetic interpretation of my Sunday breakfast. Fried egg on rye bread, some granola, coffee and orange juice enjoyed in bed. Bliss.

And as a natural continuum let’s keep things on the positive track and look back at this week, and in particular at the top 3 things that made me particularly happy.

Photography challenge breakfast flat lay Photography challenge breakfast flat lay

Afterwork With The Team

To be honest, we might all be better off if we didn’t do afterworks, because last week saw our team afties ending with the racist bartenders refusing to sell to our darker skinned colleague, and then sending 2 bouncers to literally beat the message into 2 of us. Totally pointless since we were already walking to the elevator and on our way out.

Crime reports have been made and I was invited to the police station as a plaintiff on Monday, but I already know the amount of lies the attackers have spewed at the police when questioned, so I’m in fact worried I’ll be the one ending locked up. We’re living interesting times…

But, we come from the country of Sisu, so for an afterwork we went! This was a bit bittersweet, though, because it was also a farewell afterwork for one of everybody’s favourite colleague, and my fellow user of heavy sarcasm. It’s a rare trait to find in this country. But despite the sad-factor it’s always nice to hang out with these people!

We never had a team spirit until our Team Leader was replaced by an actual professional, but now we’ve finally gotten to know one another and we’ve got some hilarious people in the team. Always good fun! Even despite the racist and extremely violent ruški puški people that you, unfortunately, can’t really avoid here.

Photography challenge breakfast flat lay Photography challenge breakfast flat lay

Independence Day

This week required 2 afterworks instead of one! There was that farewell party and since Thursday was a bank holiday for us Finns, we had to go and have a drink on Wednesday evening because it was


The Independence Day traditions in Finland differ quite a lot from any other country in the world. We usually gather together with the family, eat a proper dinner and then settle in front of a TV to watch the reception at the President’s castle.

Oh yes, there are no street parties (it’s fukin cold outside anyway) but instead we sit inside and watch politicians and celebrities shake hands with the president for hours :D

Okay, it’s not the hand shaking we’re interested in, really. It’s sort of like a Finnish version of the red carpet at the Oscars. We watch it to criticize everybody’s dresses and suits. Yeah, whoop whoop, partee!

Photography challenge breakfast flat lay Photography challenge breakfast flat lay

Return of The Boyfriend


3 weeks, ladies and gentlemen, is too long a time to be away, especially on the complete opposite side of the world.

This is the second time that he’s been away for 3 whole weeks at a time and, although this time we haven’t had one fight, I still can’t say I enjoy these periods much. Especially since this time I was a victim of a violent assault and would’ve liked a hug from my significant other to bury the ghosts.

It’s good to have some me-time every now and then but 3 weeks is simply way too excessive. For his homecoming I’ve decided to cook something, perhaps goulash (because it’s what he’s always asking for, and why not since it’s so cozy and warming and delish), as a congratulations for both of us for getting through these 3 weeks without epic tantrums.

I’d love to hear what’s made you lovelies particularly happy this past week? xx


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