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Outlandish blog what makes me happy flat lay journal

Outlandish blog what makes me happy flat lay journal


Oh, how I’ve waited for the days when it’s possible to go outside without wearing 3 layers of clothing throughout the year. The climate in Europe seemed to flip itself upside down couple weeks back and it so happens that while the Mediterranean countries have been suffering from moodiness, rain and even hailstorms, we here up North have enjoyed inexplicable heatwaves and clear skies.

It’s about time too! The past 2 years it has been warmer at Christmas than at Midsummer. Ultimate ridiculousness.

So, despite spending most of my days stuck inside the office I have taken full advantage of every moment I can possibly spend right underneath that beautiful, glowing, yellow ball hanging up there somewhere. Also, I need to get some colour on, because my near-bluish complexion would greatly suffer if I took it to a holiday without any preparation.

High heels

This also has everything to do with the fact that it is finally SUMMER! I have an entire closet, altogether 5 shelves full of all kinds of high heels. Most of them can only be worn when it’s warm enough and not raining, so basically that closet has been sealed for the past 2 years. But no longer!

So far I have been able to utilize my precious shoe collection thoroughly. And I was again reminded of the effect that heels have on your whole look; even a pajama looks stylish if paired up with basic, black stilettos. As a result my inspiration for outfits has gone through the roof.


My diet is based heavily on ‘whatever you want whenever you want’-sort of thinking. Which unfortunately often means that I do not get the 5-a-day or, to be honest, much of any of the stuff that nutritionists emphasize that each of us needs per day.

But I guess some of the rants on TV, radio and all over internet about eating healthy have gotten stuck because recently I started to stop and browse around the fruit and veg section when grocery shopping. And every time I leave the store with some kiwis, apricots or apples… OK, I can’t actually eat (raw) apples because I’m allergic, so I made a pie out of them :P It’s still apple, though! Right?

I tend to prefer fruit that don’t need peeling or prepping. It greatly lowers the risk of me knifing myself by accident. Unfortunately the variety of fruits we get brought to Estonia is not as wide as it could be and a lot of the stuff is brought here when they’re still nowhere near being ripe. So, at the moment my bedroom windowsill, which gets sunshine throughout the day, is packed with apricots in an effort to get them into an edible condition asap.


My darling home town, which I do not see often enough any more. The Paris of the North and a truly good place to be for a simple human being. This time I came here for the weekend to participate in my brother’s and his girlfriend’s housewarming party. And how suitable it is that this party occurred on the specific week when I really needed to get away from Estonia to clear my head about some issues on the personal front.

Turku always has this invigorating effect on me, especially during Summer because the entire city is literally outside, sitting by the river or on the river boats, enjoying great food in the best restaurants in Finland and just enjoying the fact that it’s Summer, everybody’s holidays are approaching, everybody’s happy.

Clothes with fringe

One of this Summer’s fashion trends were clothes with fringing. How appropriate then that I found a fringe skirt on sale about a year ago and haven’t worn the skirt once because the weather hasn’t allowed it. But now, when it suits the fashion and the weather gods, I am dressing up in the trendiest look right now!

I have actually always had an obsession with fringe earrings. I have multiple pairs but I still think there is plenty of space and need for couple more pairs. Fringing is such a nice element dressing-wise because it has such nice movement. It sort of makes any outfit come alive.

The approaching holiday!!

Oh yes, a holiday is nearly here!

And it couldn’t come any sooner, in fact it should have come already about 4 months ago! But better later than never. Our requirements for the destination were: not a tourist trap, the hotel has to include a gym, there must be activities and places near by worth seeing.

We had some serious difficulty in deciding where we wanted to go. The very first plan was to go on a Mediterranean cruise. Just like the Caribbean cruises we would sail from one port and country to the next in a luxurious tin can. The next idea was that it would need to be a place to where we can find straight flights from Tallinn. The options were very scarce but Athens seemed like a nice idea if we included some island hopping in it, which is very hip this holiday season.

Somehow that idea also faded away and all of a sudden we were discussing Italy. I’ve never been there and reeeally want to go. I asked my colleague if she has some suggestions and oh boy, didn’t she! The islands of Sicily, Capri and Ischias all have amazing surroundings but were unfortunately a bit too complicated to get to.

In the end we realized that time is running out, we need to book something, and then I saw that Turkish Airlines would fly from Tallinn to Dubrovnik, Croatia, so we started to look at that option. Turkish does not have straight flights from Tallinn to Dubrovnik, but I guess we were tired of looking so we got stuck with that destination and that is where we are now headed. Well, not right now but in 6 days!

So, I need to get going now, so much planning to do, like how many new pairs of bikini do I need to buy, how many pairs of high heels can I fit into one suitcase and what’s the best travel outfit to accompany with my never-before-worn beach hat!

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