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20 x This or That – Would You Rather…

“Would You Rather…” is an ancient old game that is actually quite fun to play when you are stuck somewhere with a friend, for example, waiting for your flight at the airport. More often than not the continuations for those 3 words are a bit more twisted-minded than what I decided to embark on here, but nonetheless, a brilliant way to pass time.

I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and came across these “This or That” listings and going through them my thoughts started racing. So I thought to make my preferences clear to y’all instead of just pondering them alone at home.

So, here goes my preferences times 20:

Outlandish blog this that would you rather list lifestyle personality fun facts

Summer | Winter

Because nobody needs Winter; it’s a horrible, depressing, cold and dark thing. Away with it!

Breakfast | Dinner 

I don’t eat breakfast (unless somebody wants to join me for one in a restaurant on a weekend).

City | Countryside

I need countryside breaks and our Summer house in the woods is precious to me but I’d never trade away living in a city.

Sunrise | Sunset

Sunrises happen at a time when I’d rather stay in bed and keep on sleeping.

     Peanut Butter | Nutella

I wouldn’t spend my money on either, but if I had to choose I’d go for Nutella.

Bath | Shower

Call me weird but I hate both: I get no relaxation out of making myself wet and wrinkly, so the quicker I’m able to get out the better. Plus, bath tubs are bloody dangerous!

Pancakes | Waffles

Love, love, love them both… But I’ll go for waffles because there’s more of them (they’re thicker, you see). But they must be perfect! Not dry and hard, but soft and fluffy ♥

Dine in | Takeaway

Takeaway ordered in. Thank you food deliveries!

TV on | TV off

When I get home from work or wake up in the morning the first thing I do is turn on the TV to get some noise in the apartment.

Soft bed | Hard bed

While living around the UK I had a soft bed in every single apartment and oh dear, the amount of back pains I endured.

Outlandish blog this that would you rather list lifestyle personality fun facts

One pillow | Several pillows

Because a nest requires several pillows as building material and I require a nest to sleep in.

I do snore | I don’t snore

Of course I do not snore! Although, if you ask my boyfriend he would assure you that I do.

Paris | London

Tough one… But I’ll go with Paris solely because I have lived in London but only visited Paris, and that trip was a bit of a disaster.

Home | Outside

Even though I love a lazy day in, in particular if it’s raining outside, I do enjoy spending time out in the wild. Whether that be forest or city center.

With friends | Alone

No question about it! I live for social encounters and meeting new, interesting people.

Hotel | Camping

I’ve slept in a tent altogether perhaps 3 times and the last time was 15 years ago and I woke up in the morning to stare straight at a huge spider on top of me… Never again.

Read minds | See to the future

I don’t want to know what happens tomorrow, I love the surprise factor. But reading minds would make it so much easier for me to understand my bf!

Live without music | Live without TV

I’ve lived without TV for long periods in my life, that’s fine. But take music out of my life and I have no reason to live.

Book | Ebook

I read blogs on my phone but when it comes to books, I want the concrete item in my hands and to turn (not swipe!) a page.

Text | Call

I only call if it’s something really important that needs to be discussed really urgently. Otherwise texting suffices.


I’d love to read your This or That lists so if you’ve written one, please link your post to the comments :)

In case you want to write about these particular points above, I’ve made a handy infograph for you which you can find in my Pinterest here.

Outlandish blog this that would you rather list lifestyle personality fun facts



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