Throwback To My Spring Bucketlist – Did I Get There?

Outlandish blog bucket list selfie tea time

Outlandish blog bucket list selfie tea time

Hey y’all! I am currently collecting the last vestiges of the things I will need on the holiday that starts TODAY! In just couple of hours we will aboard a plane and shout BYE BYE to Estonia. You can keep track of what goes on during the coming week in my Instagram @the_teresamaria

But holiday was not the subject I wanted to write about today. Instead, let’s take a look at how I did with my Spring Bucket List:

My first ever bucket list was quite short and perhaps not as ambitious as this Google-given example: 50 things to complete in a month (because Spring really only lasts that long).

So, how did I do? Did I reach the 5 goals I set for myself or were there things left undone? Let’s recap:

Eat something I’ve never eaten before

Yes, I sure did! I thought this might turn out to be quite a complex one to do because there aren’t many things I haven’t tried and I don’t know where in Tallinn I could find edible insects. But one lunch turned out a savor: Juur restaurant right in front of our office building sometimes serves experimental and unfamiliar taste experiences.

In April we had a dessert that was a cake made out of turnip with a scoop of cayenne pepper ice cream. Now, that was a mouthful! It wasn’t exactly bad but the flavours were just so new and unfamiliar, and also as a dessert it wasn’t sweet enough, so I wouldn’t go for that particular course again. But at least I tried and got one point checked off my list.

Go see the cherry flowers in the Kadriorg Park

Oh, how I waited for the cherry trees to blossom! And when they did they acted as a little bit of a life-savor on the worst week so far this year. I took the most out of this trip to the secret Japanese Garden and tried out some new tricks with my camera. And the pictures turned out even better than I expected! So, this is definitely a big CHECK off my bucket list.

Plan one trip abroad this year

Well, it took us until the very last minute but we finally got there: 2 weeks before my holiday was due we finally booked flights to and a hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I would have preferred Italy, but on my last trip to Croatia we were in one of the smaller cities in the North and I didn’t get to see any waterfalls so maybe this time I will be able to experience Croatia a bit more.

So far the plan for the holiday includes hiking in National Parks, lying on the private beach, hopefully some sailing and diving, and also a roadtrip to Zagreb if we manage to hire a car. I say if because my boyfriend is very particular with which car he wants for this road trip.

Walk home from work

I seriously thought I would do this a lot since the weather has been perfect for walking home from work. The trip is about 3km, so it takes maybe 30-40 minutes for me to walk home, but it turned out to be surprisingly challenging to carry the separate array of sport clothes to work for this purpose.

And to be honest, it just complicates things a bit too much so, for such a practical person, carrying an extra outfit to work just for the sake of carrying all the stuff back home in the afternoon seems a bit useless when I can just change into my sports gear when I get home and go for a walk or a run.

Visit the Glehn Castle in Nõmme

Despite my many efforts we never managed to make it to the Glehn Castle. It’s only 15 minutes from Tallinn, but making plans and scheduling day trips is sometimes impossible with a boyfriend who is completely incapable of making any plans further than today’s lunch… In fact even that is sometimes too far ahead and thus very difficult to plan.

So, maybe one day…

To be honest this is exactly why I do not make bucket lists: I cannot stand it if I can’t complete the list. What’s the point setting up goals like that when life has a habit of happening and you can’t do anything about it. Seeing that line of text in red there actually pisses me off because it seems like a tiny failure: I couldn’t arrange it even though it really shouldn’t be that hard to do.

So no, bucket lists are not for me. I am quite a competitive person, not particularly gifted at losing, and I really like certain things to be properly so. For example, if I have a list of tasks to complete, I will complete it! Except this time I didn’t, and it really shouldn’t matter because going or not going to that Castle isn’t a big deal. But it’s a task left undone! And I can’t cope…

But as they say, you should always try before judging, and I have now tried the Bucket List. And I conclude that it is not for me. As I estimated in the original post, the Bucket List turned out to be needless requirements in a life that already has enough of requirements that I need to fill. So, I think I’ll just stick to those and be done with it. :)



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