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Trend Report: Top Picks from Autumn/Winter 2018 Selections


I’ve been denying it for as long as I can. Even having to wear a jacket whenever stepping outside hasn’t deterred me from pretending that the Summer ISN’T over. But the nights are getting longer, the sun isn’t as warm any more and the leaves on trees are changing colour… BUT THEY’RE NOT ORANGE ENOUGH YET TO JUSTIFY AUTUMN!

We were just laughing about memes of Finnish women sitting on terraces in their camisoles and denim shorts even if temperatures are way below 20 degrees. It’s sunny so it must be still Summer! And then we went and did exactly that ourselves; sat on a terrace for an after-work in our tops because it was SUPPOSED to be 22 degrees…

But the time for admitting the harsh reality is closing in on us.

As I mentioned in this post in August fashion is one of my favourite things about Autumn. Warm colours and fabrics flooding the runways make me feel so cozy after a Summer spent outside roaming beaches and terraces. Autumn also brings with it Fashion Weeks all over the world displaying next year’s Spring fashion, but instead of looking so far into the future, let’s concentrate on the now.

The schools and Universities have already started and even though the warm weather still lingers, we all know what’s coming: rain and gloom. So, to keep our spirits up, let’s take a look at the trends that this Autumn has to offer.

This year the Autumn/Winter styles include some of my ultimate favourites and classic pieces that I’m sure most of us own already. For example:

Animal prints

This is the ultimate classic! I’m sure every single one of us own at least a scarf or a pair of panties with leopard print on it. This year leopard prints were seen flying across the runways next to long jackets and dresses covered in zebra and snake skin print or actual pictures of animals splashed all over them.

I particularly like the white leopard print jacket from Carolina Herrera pictured below.

If the runway styles this year seem like a bit too much for you, this trend is the easiest one to tone down. Invest in a belt or a pair of loafers with a wild print, and keep the rest of your outfit clean and classy.

Silvery metallics

From runways straight to the red carpet of MTV Video Music Awards, you can’t miss the metallic glow that everyone who’s anyone is draping themselves with this Autumn/Winter. This season wearing that folio hat is completely trendy.

This trend is definitely going to be the hottest of the hots come Christmas party season. I can already see dozens of glimmering, disco balls swaying on the dance floors in clubs.

I will need to leave couple lunches off my schedule and instead spend the money on the sparkliest dress I can find. I also really like the slits that come all the way to compromising heights but I’m afraid that as long as I live as up North as I do, I should probably leave the slit-dresses to the store…

Silk scarves

The fashion world took a horrified step back after seeing this Vogue cover and Rihanna’s eyebrows on it. The thought in everybody’s mind was “Please do NOT allow that eyebrow trend to make a return!” So far we seem to have recovered from the shock and it seems this slit eyebrow-trend is not going to be the big hit in regards to facial hair for the coming season.

But there is one thing that is making a return, and which doesn’t awaken such shocked reactions: silk scarves. You know those decorative tiny scarves that your grandmum used to cover her neck with?

Except this year these decorative pieces are not meant to be worn just around your neck. Instead it’s all about that specific print, which can be incorporated on skirts and tops in addition to just scarves.

Brown leather

This year the Helsinki Fashion Week announced that they are giving leather a wide berth. Vegan options in fashion have been hard to find so this was a very welcome announcement for a lot of the more sustainable fashionistas out there.

But fashion industry is a slow changer and leather has been such an enormous part of it for centuries that it’s not going to go away completely, probably ever. This became quite obvious when watching the runways shows sending down a leather dress after a leather jacket after leather trousers.

A sturdy leather jacket is a stable in any capsule wardrobe and I also invested in a brown, midi-length leather skirt, which I absolutely love. It’s a bit too fancy to be worn to the office but this Autumn I intend to wear it to dinners and for cocktails in my favourite cocktail bars in Tallinn :)

What’s you favourite trend from this Autumn/Winter offerings and how are you planning to incorporate it into your everyday outfits?

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