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My Travel Bucket List For 2020

Travel Itinerary Odessa Ukraine

It’s upon us! The new decade and it’s our last chance to lay some concrete plans for it. I started this tradition only a year ago, so let’s continue and have a look at my Travel Bucket List for 2020.

Traveling has always been a self-evident part of my life. And I gotta thank my parents for that because we’ve always traveled as a family. We traveled to Lapland in theWinter, to Sweden in the Summer, and to Greece in the Autumn. Thus, the basics of traveling became evident to me at an early age.

But recently I’ve become aware of what a privilege being able to travel like this – without even thinking about it – is. We take so much for granted in our privileged lives: for example, a lot of people in the world do not have a passport, and even if they do they need to apply and pay for Visas and all kinds of permits to be able to travel.

I live in an EU country, which gives me the possibility to not just travel without any hassle, but to study and work in other countries without any major paper work or permits to worry about. This is an incredible asset and an advantage, that too many Europeans seem to have forgotten.

Well, I’m here to remind y’all that WE EU CITIZENS ARE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. May we not follow less educated countries and screw this up!

I am aware of my ultimate privilege in this regard, and thus I will keep using that privilege for as long as it’s possible. Because, as we saw with the UK, that privilege can be taken away from you just like that.

I’m a teeny bit skeptical about reaching the level of my 2019 travels next year, but then again, I could’ve never expected to travel like I did. Goes to show, life really does work in mysterious ways and you can never know where you might find yourself.

But just like in 2019 there are some trips that I know I will do in 2020, and then there are some that I really, really hope to do. So, buckle up and let’s fly!

My Travel Bucket List For 2020

Beach Holiday in Incredible Odessa Beach Holiday in Incredible Odessa

London, England

Well, more precisely Brighton, England. But I will, of course, be visiting London as well. I’ve got some big plans for 2020 and in order to bring them into life I’m required to visit London a lot more often from now on.

Obviously, due to this, it would make more sense for me to move my ass there for good, and because London really isn’t a viable option (I ain’t living in a shared bloody flat!) Brighton presents a very appealing alternative for me to move to.

One problem though: Brexit is gonna go through with the worst possible deal for those who do not want to be constricted by country borders, and that makes an EU citizen’s move there a tad more challenging. I’m monitoring the situation with a close eye, but having followed it for years already, I’m not feeling hopeful.

BUT! It’s 2020, and that means better times, so I may just as well hold on to my plan and manifest my way there! I manifested myself to work in London 10 years ago, I can manifest myself to Brighton as an entrepreneur now!

Photo Diary Weekend in London

Bratislava, Slovakia

My darling, darling previous home city! I moved away from Slovakia 4 years ago and have since traveled there once every year. Last year I didn’t find the time and the money to go there among all other travels, but this year I must go!

I miss Bratislava, and Slovakia, enormously! It’s an incredibly beautiful country with gorgeous mountains and dozens of castles with intriguing stories (check this post from my old blog on the world’s first female mass murderer).

Slovakia has the ideal climate for me: they have 4 seasons, but they have 80% more sunshine and winters are a lot milder than they are in Northern Europe. In addition, the people there are so hospitable and absolute treasures, that even with an unsurpassable language barrier, they will always do everything they can to help you out.

The biggest reason for me needing to go there is seeing my best friend. I saw her last in June 2019 when we traveled to Milan, and I miss my baby girl. I’d love to be able to stay there at least for 2 weeks, because I have a lot of people I want to see there, and I also want to make a trip to the mountains!


High Tatras

Baku, Azerbaijan

This is an interesting one! Just like Odessa in Ukraine, I know absolute zero about this country. My colleague (who also initiated the Odessa trip) pointed this place out one day at the office, and we spent a wee while trying to locate it on the map.

We like a bit of an extraordinary travel destination and I need to fit at least one such destination to each year. I intend to make this one it.

Azerbaijan is an oil country, which explains why it looks so bloody fabulous. And Baku is another unknown gem, just like Odessa! It looks like nothing I could’ve expected: modern, fabulous, and absolutely extraordinary. And it’s by the Caspian Sea, beaches!!

Baku includes an Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (just like the Tallinn Old Town), spas, palaces, beaches, and fab shopping; everything a couple of girls could ever need for a holiday, eh?

Baku Azerbaijan

Nerja, Spain

I honestly can’t wait for this one! My friend is getting married in Spain in September, but I’m gonna start looking for flights immediately when I’m done with my first major orthodontist payment in January.

Just like Italy last year, I need to admit it again: I’ve never been to Spain! So, it’s about time I visited. And as I’m not too interested in big, over-crowded tourist dumps, like Madrid or Barcelona, I couldn’t be happier that the wedding is in a small town by the Mediterranean Sea, Nerja.

Spain has always been a place that hasn’t really intrigued me. It’s just one of those tourist jams, not that extraordinary. Absolutely beautiful, and with a dreamy climate, but everybody’s seen it already. But Nerja is a place I’ve never heard of, and it’s by the sea, and hey, just show me the sea and I’m as happy as anything.

What a dreamy place for a wedding, eh? I wish I could get married in a similar location if that day ever occurred.

Nerja, Spain

Bucharest, Romania

This is a leftover from my 2019 Travel Bucket List. I really want to go to Romania, hire a car and have an incredible road trip exploring the castles, nature and the little towns there.

I’m a little bit afraid that this one will end up moving on to the 2021 bucket list looking at my this year’s list: there are a lot of trips in the coming year that I cannot NOT do, and if I’m flying back and forth to London… I mean there’s only so much time and money I have in my possession.

But I stay hopeful! Life has proven to me many times before that I can never predict what unexpected occurrences are coming my way. And it wouldn’t be the first, or the third time I find myself in a brand new country, so BRING IT ON 2020! โ™ฅ

Incredible Romania

What’s your Travel Bucket List looking like for the coming year? What’s the number 1 country you’d absolutely love to visit this year?


Photos: Bratislava, Baku, Nerja, Romania

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