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AD | 3 Amazing Travel Offers You DO NOT Want To Miss!

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It’s January, and that means it’s time to plan and book this year’s best travels! January is the peak season for travel offers, which obviously makes it the best time to plan ahead and consider where you’d like to go on your next holiday.

I shared my Travel Bucket List for 2020 last week, and I’m really excited about it. There are a lot of trips in my near future that I will definitely embark on, and any prospect of travels makes me happy.

But enough of me, let’s talk about YOU and what I can do for you in regards to aiding you towards your next adventure! I’ve got some really great travel offers for accommodation and transportation for your next holiday.

This post is in collaboration with Radisson Hotels, and Discover Cars, and includes affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer here.

I can personally assure you the high quality of everything I promote: I have myself handpicked and tested all products and services that I promote, and I’d never offer you something that wasn’t worth your (or my) while.

3 Amazing Travel Offers You DO NOT Want To Miss!

Best Travel Offers 2020

I believe I can fly!

And you’d be right, you can! Or more precisely, you can accompany someone who literally can, and fly on their given vehicle to transport yourself from one place to the next within no time (unless you’re flying from Germany to the West Coast, god that flight took years!)

But instead of searching through different airlines and comparing their prices, you can make life easier, and use an app that does all the work for you in a blink of an eye.

Skyscanner is a search machine, but unlike Google answering your everyday questions, Skyscanner answers your request to find the cheapest or easiest flights available in a blink of an eye.

flight offer

Just insert your departure city, the city you’d like to fly to, and how many passengers there are. In case you’re like me, and enjoy making traveling as easy as possible, you can also check the “Only direct flights“-box.

Skyscanner scans all airlines and finds 3 different options for you: the fastest route, the cheapest route and the best route, which means the best combination of the first 2 options. When you start booking you are directed to the actual airline’s site, but the price stays the same (unless you’re booking a budget airline and adding luggage).

I always use Skyscanner when planning my travels. It makes life so easy when you don’t have the time or energy to compare routes and prices yourself. Thank goodness for technology.

hotel offers 2020 hotel offers now

Luxury hotels without the massive price tag

Radisson Hotels is a luxury hotel chain founded in the USA, but which now covers the whole world. The thing with Radisson, though, is that despite the word ‘luxury’, their prices are nowhere near sky-high.

You can read my review of Radisson from our previous visit to Vienna. There we stayed in a Radisson Blu Styles, and were very pleased with the premises, staff and the hotel’s location.

And now you are treated with an all-year offer to book high class accommodation for any weekend trip in 2020 with a 25% discount!

Just click the button here and get booking! Please find more specific details about this campaign under the button.

Best Travel Offers 2020

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: In order to get the 25% discount you must

Book your weekend stay with them BY THE END OF JANUARY 31st.

The offer is valid for every single weekend in 2020, and also during the Easter period from April 6th – April 19th.

The offer covers the whole year 2020.

This offer is valid across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

I can warmly recommend their hotels: every time I need a hotel back in my home country I book Radisson. For me, being comfortable is a big part of a successful trip, and accommodation is, of course, a vital part of that.

By booking Radisson you can rest easy (pun intended), even if traveling and the weather turn against you on your trip.

Best Car Hire Offer Best Travel Offers 2020

Explore, Dream, Discover

Discover Cars is the same as the aforementioned Skyscanner, except here your vehicle is grounded at all times. Discover Cars is the quickest and easiest car hire platform you can find!

And this January they launched a travel offer for your next road trip: Book a car in January, pick it up any time you like in 2020!

Now, here’s the best part: they’re offering discount prices of up to 30% in selected countries, and the selection is pretty awesome. I, for one, would happily travel to every single one of these! By clicking each of these locations you will be directed to that location’s offer site:


I’ve used Discover, for example, in Slovakia when we drove from Bratislava to the High Tatras for a weekend of mountain hiking. Booking the car couldn’t have been easier, the only difficulty was choosing a car from all the options available. Read about our trip here.

best travel 2020

You gotta be quick, these travel offers are valid only until END OF JANUARY, after which we go back to normal prices and common everyday life. If there’s a trip you’ve wanted to bring to reality, this is your chance: make those dreams come true!

What’s your number one destination to book a trip to this year? Comment below and let’s discuss!♥


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