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Trendiest Vintage Engagement Rings For 2019

My previous post on jewellery did really well and I even got a request asking me to tap into this year’s engagement ring trends. Even though I myself am nowhere near getting engaged I like a good piece of jewellery, and thus my interest was peaked.

But this post will come as a gift to those who wish to be proposed or who are considering proposing in the near future. The headline says ‘engagement rings’ but in fact this year’s trend works perfectly for wedding rings as well, so those of you looking for that perfect ring for the big day, pay attention!

And here’s the big engagement rings trend for this year:

Vintage Antique Rings

Oh yes, they are big, colourful, noticeable and make a statement. And that statement is decades, maybe even centuries’ worth of love.

Now, if this seems like a surprise of a trend, bear with me because there’s more! I dug a bit deeper on the subject and was surprised by what I found out. So, I thought I’d spill the beans to you as well on all things vintage rings.

Trendiest vintage Engagement Rings

Why go for vintage engagement rings?

The most common reason for people to opt for vintage rings is that when they were first created decades ago, the rings were handcrafted by artisans. This can be seen in the quality of the items. It also means that it’s very unlikely that anyone else would have exactly the same pieces. Uniqueness is a value that many people appreciate (I know I do!)

Some also believe that vintage rings have more character than a brand new one. Since its creation, a vintage ring accumulates different stories, each one making the jewellery more interesting than it was before. Each story also adds to the charm of the ring.

Perhaps surprisingly vintage rings are also the most eco-friendly option to go for. Environmentally-conscious couples are choosing vintage rings over brand new ones because they mean that no recent mining was involved to create these pieces.

This also means that the rings tend to be less expensive than brand new rings. Although if it has been worn by a princess or an aristocrat, it may show in the price because nothing beats a good story. 

There’s one more reason why vintage rings are a safe option; they will never go out of fashion. A vintage ring is a timeless piece of jewellery that will always be stylish. So, if you want a unique piece of jewellery that is of top quality, opting for antique style engagement rings for your beloved or a vintage piece is a great idea.

The best known types of vintage rings

When I embarked on this little research mission I didn’t expect so much intrigue to be attached to vintage rings. For instance, I hadn’t realized that such rings are categorized by the periods during which they were produced.

There are 4 different categories and they are:

Georgian Engagement Rings

Georgian rings feature Greek-inspired accents and classical patterns of flowers and vines. Most Georgian jewellery was made of yellow gold, although gold- and silver-plated rings were also produced.

Colourful gemstones, including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, were used, so there’s nothing I don’t like about this style.

Trendiest vintage Engagement Rings

Victorian Engagement Rings

Manufactured during the reign of Queen Victoria, these jewellery pieces were elaborately designed and well-embellished. The rings often had a large central stone surrounded with smaller stones.

I had no idea that diamonds are a relatively modern discovery, and since they were not discovered until the later years of the Victorian era, most of the rings created then featured other precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Pearls were also used.  

Queen Victoria favoured yellow gold and rose gold, which is why these were the most popular metals used for the ring bands of this era.

Trendiest vintage Engagement Rings

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Influenced by the flair of King Edward VII himself, jewellers made lavish and very ornate creations. During this “pretty period,” engagement rings featured platinum bands with dainty settings that resembled folded lace. Filigree and mill graining were also popular methods of decorating Edwardian jewellery.

By then diamonds had become every royal’s favorite, so you will see majority of Edwardian jewellery featuring these precious stones. And yet, because diamonds were not as readily available or accessible then, less expensive stones such as sapphires were popular center stone choices.

Trendiest vintage Engagement Rings

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Vintage rings from the art deco period are probably the most famous types. Art deco styles feature geometric and sometimes abstract designs. Precious stones with contrasting colours were used.

So if you find a platinum band with sapphires and a white center diamond, you most likely have an Art Deco-influenced jewellery.

trendiest vintage engagement rings

Vintage rings are more durable than modern rings, which perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise when we consider how much thinner the modern rings are compared to vintage rings. And the romantic stories behind them make them a super-beautiful and considerate option for an engagement ring.

And hey, who wouldn’t want to feel a tad more royal on their wedding day, eh? ♥

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