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Ultimate Guide for The Best Travel Gifts

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Best Travel Gifts Best Travel Gifts

Those of you who have ventured with me on this Outlandish journey know very well by now that I am your ultimate traveler. And for those, who are new to this adventure, the long story short would be that I have traveled and lived in multiple countries. Thus, when it comes to best travel gifts, I am your expert.

Christmas can be a tricky thing for those of us whose family members or friends are frequent travelers or live abroad. What could you get them that doesn’t restrict them, but instead would make their future travels even more enjoyable?

When shopping for the best travel gifts for your jet setting friends, the things you should remember to take into consideration are first and foremost weight and practicality.

But you’d also do well to consider in what ways you could add to their travel experience without jeopardizing distracting them from it. With this I’m referring to such situations where, for example, the photo becomes the main focus, not being present in the moment. This is a common problem among travel bloggers, in particular.

Here’s a handy list of the best travel gifts to get for the ultimate adventurers in our midst. (Please note that these are NOT affiliate links.)

Ultimate Guide for The Best Travel Gifts

Best Travel Gifts

Practical Stuff

First things first, there are some items that make every traveler’s life easier, no matter whether they’re going for a mountain hike or a luxury beach resort on a remote island:

  • For recording important times and events on the journey, or just for journaling about the trip, a sleek notebook is always a safe bet for a traveler.
  • How could one travel without a good travel purse, or a backpack with a charger? I can tell you from experience, your travel purse can literally make or break your trip on a plane, bus, car or a ship.


Finding your next travel destination isn’t always as straight forward as some may think. But inspiration can come in many different forms:

  • There are so many bucket list books to choose from available for those thirsty for the next trip.
  • In case the traveler is stuck at home for a while, you could help relieve their travel fever a little bit with miniature Nanoblock versions of famous destinations like the Sagrada Familia, or Kyoto.
  • How inspiring would it be to wake up and see a beautiful map of the world first thing in the morning? When I finally settle down in some country (one day maybe) I want to include some form of art of the world either in the living room or bedroom.
  • If we hadn’t broken up with my fellow-traveler boyfriend earlier this year, he would’ve received one of these world map scratchers this coming Christmas. But while I spend that money on myself instead, you could bring a bit of joy to someone close to you with this clever idea.

Best Travel Gifts

Camera Gear

Photography is one of the most common ways to restore the best moments and memories of a trip. For me, my travel photos are a way to go back to some of my favourite places on the planet, particularly on those cold and dark winter days.

Here are some of the best travel gifts you could get to your photography-loving adventurer friends:

  • For someone who’s in need of a smaller and lighter camera, you could consider getting them the Olympus OMD EM-10.
  • And for an upgraded photo experience pair the camera with a good 25mm Zuiko portrait lens and a custom protective shell.
  • Or if your adventurer friend prefers the easiness of photographing with their phone, you could help them out by gifting them a set of iPhone lenses including wide angle, fish eye and much more.

And then lay back and watch their Instagram feed evolve.

Make the Long Flight Bearable

I don’t know about you, but I know some people who need to fly across the world many times a year for work. It’s not an easy life, honestly. So, how to make the long flights a tiny bit easier?

  • Few of us can afford to fly in Business Class many times a year, so getting those soothing drinks every now and then can be tricky. Fret not, for there is a solution in the form of these clever cocktail kits!

Best Travel Gifts Best Travel Gifts

Or Keep It Simple

Sometimes it’s safest to just stay with the comfortable and easy options, though. Especially if we’re dealing with someone who is very particular about their travel routines. These gift ideas are all easy, and most probably useful for every traveler:

1. ‘Destinations of a Lifetime’ Book

Travel to hundreds of the most breathtaking locations – both natural and man-made – illustrated with vivid images taken by the NatGeo’s world-class photographers. Buy from

2. ‘Travel Anywhere’ Book

The travel editors at Fathom have spent years gathering a treasure trove of recommendations and stories from a network of interesting people who travel well (chefs, novelists, designers, innkeepers, musicians. Buy from

3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth 5.0 earphones rendering HD technology allow one to escape the reality with the aid of the latest upgraded speakers which have 3D stereo and subwoofer. Buy from

Best Travel Gifts

4. Waterproof Smartphone Case

The certificated IPX8 waterproof design keeps a traveler’s phone safe, intact and dry under extreme conditions. Buy from

5. Iphone Camera Lens Attachement

In order to avoid distorted fisheye appearance and unwanted darkening corners, one needs a proper lens to take those Insta-worthy travel photos. Buy from

6. Smartphone Lens Set

Along the same lines, to get literally picture-perfect photos, the traveler needs multi-element, multi-coated glass lenses that minimize reflections, ghosting, lens flare, and other artifacts. Buy from

Best Travel Gifts

7. Phone Tripod

This is particularly good for the solo traveler: I can tell you the struggles of taking good photos of yourself without a tripod. This phone tripod has a ball head to support all smartphones regardless of its weight. Buy from

8. Anti Theft Travel Purse

This small crossbody bag gives one plenty of room for storing the most important items in an organized way. It’s as well stylish as functional. Buy from 

9. Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Finding a functional as well as good-looking backpack can be struggle. But with this one, you can also keep your things safe. The Double Zipper Design is clever, simple and efficient, because it opens in two directions. Buy from

Best Travel Gifts

10. Universal Power Adapter

5 in 1 Travel Power Adapter, 4 Micro USB port + 1 Universal AC Socket, enough to simultaneously charge 5 devices. In all honesty, this would be a great gift for anyone, no matter whether they travel or not. Buy from

11. Compass Necklace

EFYTAL is an intimate line of Sterling Silver jewelry that would be a lovely way to show your affection to a specific traveler. Buy from

12. Olympus Camera Case

Let me tell you, having a professional camera, but no case to keep it safe and clean, is a bit of a daft thing to do as a constant traveler. So, if you know someone like me, please do them a favour and get them a camera case. Buy from

What would you get for a Christmas present for the ultimate traveler? ♥


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