Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits
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What I Wore: Week of Autumn Holiday Outfits

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits

When you think of a tourist your thoughts are probably filled with the same picture as mine; middle-aged person wearing a (very often) brown T-shirt, shorts with big pockets on the side, a fanny bag, socks with sandals and perhaps a camera hanging from their neck.

To this day this is the most common camouflage that foreigners visiting another country can be seen draped in. I get that the point of this tourist armour is comfort and ease, which are important while roaming the tourist traps of any destination. But I think that style doesn’t need to compromise comfort!

I’m quite particular with my outfits always. And having lived in one of the biggest capitals in Europe I know better than to dress in a way that screams the fact that I’m not a local. The “classic” tourist is a beacon of light in the crowd for thieves.

Our holiday this time included walking around a city (or two), hiking up a mountain, going to dinners, and spending a day in spa, so I basically had to pack my entire closet. Thankfully I’m a pro when it comes to packing… except I forgot my bikini! Just like last time. So, every time I go on a holiday that includes a spa visit, I need to buy a new pair of bikinis. I’m getting close to 10 pairs now…

But no bikini pictures this time! Instead here is a look book of my outfits from tourist to dinner to mountain conqueror:

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits
top and cardigan H&M | jeans Stradivarius | ankle boots Dinsko

When it comes to actual traveling from place A to place B my number 1 priority is comfort. My travel uniform consists of always the same things; a pair of leggings, a basic top and a cardigan.

I hate flying, so the last thing I want to worry about on the plane is the tightness of my jeans so I will not budge on wearing the leggings when I travel. And with a pair of heeled ankle boots even leggings look OK (just remember to cover your ass with a long enough top/cardigan).

My casual look for walking around Vienna and Bratislava consisted of classic, simple pieces that always look good. But I want my outfit to always have some sort of a twist, so instead of going for a basic, striped top, I would rather go for a striped top with a bardot neckline. Pair that with high-waist jeans and a leather jacket and you’re covered for the day.

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits
blouse Zara | shorts VILA | ankle boots Deichmann | leather bag Your Face

My second go-to tourist outfit includes either shorts or a simple skirt. With that I would pair a loose blouse, preferably something colourful, like this bright blue. Depending on the temperature, I’d add black tights to the combo.

Shoe-wise I always wear heel. Always. My feet would kill me if I walked a whole day in completely flat shoes so I always invest in a pair of quality leather ankle boots in both, black and brown, that have few centimeters of heel. But ankle boots without heel are also a super chic and comfortable option for touristing.

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits
dress River Island | shoes Humanik

We hadn’t seen each other for a week with my boyfriend before the trip so I knew that the first two days in Vienna would include a date night in the form of a dinner. So, a nice dress needed to be added to the suitcase. Thankfully I had the dress that I had worn to theater in Finland in my there already, so that was fancy dinner covered.

Shoes posed a bigger problem. Instead of the same shoes that I wore to theater the previous week I wanted to wear something that I couldn’t wear in Estonia much due to constant, never-ending rain; my lilac, suede ankle boots. I bought these shoes to myself as a birthday present for my 27th birthday while I was still living in Slovakia and they are one my favourite pairs; super chic attention-seekers and also really comfy!

Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits Outlandish blog autumn holiday outfits
hoodie PUMA | trousers H&M | jacket gifted | sneakers Intersport

Style options for a hike in the mountains are, of course, slightly limited. The main points to consider are comfort and safety so the first thing that drops out of the list are high heels. They are replaced by sneakers. One should prefer actual hiking shoes but for someone who doesn’t go hiking that often quality sneakers with jagged soles will take you quite far.

My sneakers are already old but they are still in mint condition. I was, again, one of the few people who survived our snowy hike with dry socks!

Clothing-wise things to consider are again comfort, but also warmth. Temperature wasn’t too bad that day (10 degrees) but up the mountain temperatures would plummet close to 0 degrees, so on top of my gym top, I always wear a warm hoodie. For trousers the best option would be something that doesn’t let wind through, but I’ve always gone on these trips wearing my running trousers and they work just fine.

Then depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, perhaps also pack a hat, scarf, and a pair of gloves. I didn’t have a hat or gloves but thankfully they weren’t necessary. Except I had to put the hood on when it started raining on our way back.

I’d love to hear what sort of tourist outfits you wear when sightseeing? xx


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