Outlandish blog excitement wedding beautiful flowers

Day 15: What Excites Me The Most Right Now?

Outlandish blog excitement wedding beautiful flowers

Photography task: Flowers
Location: Japanese Garden, Tallinn, Estonia
Camera setting: Close up


So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

This wedding is going to be epic, which in Finnish scale doesn’t mean much, though :D Finns like a small, simple wedding with a plain dress, simple menu and traditional games no matter how awkward they make everyone feel.

But not this time, no! The bride’s dress is a proper Cinderella dream dress, big, puffy and decorated with bling all the way to the sleeves. And not just any bling; Swarovski bling! The wedding car is a most beautiful, enormous, white Cadillac. I mean, a brand new Mercedez Benz is just laaaame compared to that.

This wasn’t planned as a theme wedding but my bestie and her hubby wanted to incorporate some specific TV series-related things here and there in the setting. And it all sort of turned into a full-on theme wedding!

In addition to an Iron Throne photo booth, the menus and the seating arrangements have been made with Game of Thrones in mind: each table is named after a family from the TV phenomena. And the march for leaving the church after the ceremony is going to be the Game of Thrones theme song. It’s going to be phenomenal!

Other particularities for this special day are the celebration being held in a glass palace, there will be a chocolate fountain, and most importantly there will NOT be games involving “stealing” the bride and making the groom embarrass himself to get her back. That particular game is a very “popular” Finnish wedding tradition and it makes everybody sick of embarrassment every time. So, to avoid cutting the good mood with something like that the pride forced her opinion through and the game is OUT!

Thankfully, though, the dress code was the regular kind, so I didn’t need to go find myself a caveman outfit pretty enough for a wedding. Instead I found myself a dress that I’ve dreamed of for years; a long, dark blue schiffon dress with a glitter belt and bare shoulders, yes please.

Now, don’t go getting offended, I don’t mean to say that casual, low-key weddings would be any worse (except the bride stealing-game I will not tolerate!). I’m just saying that this is the sort of extravagant, over-the-top wedding that is totally my thing! A little bit overboard never hurt anybody.

I can’t contain my excitement but at the same time I’m so worried about the amount of crying that I will do especially in the church. How many mascara tubes do I need to carry with me? Maybe I should opt for a bigger clutch than I originally thought, just in case…

Bringing its own flavour to the mix is the fact that this day, 18th August, is the 1 year anniversary of the first ever terrorist attack in Finland. And since it happened in Turku, there will be 3 demonstrations held around the city center. In addition to which there’s going to be a cycling event on top of one of the biggest marathons in the country on that particular day.

We’re still trying to figure out a choreography for picking up the bride in the city center before church and where the bus should pick up the wedding guests without getting stuck in all this mess. But other than that everything seems great and the only thing left to do are the decorations at the party venue.

This Saturday is going to be an EPIC day! <3

Outlandish blog excitement wedding beautiful flowers

Outlandish blog excitement wedding beautiful flowers

Outlandish blog excitement wedding beautiful flowers


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