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What I Wore To a Date Night – My Ultimate Favorite Outfit

This week I came across a blog post by a Finnish woman wondering about style and whether stylish women are seen as less “significant” as, for example, mothers. She was also puzzled whether well-dressed women feel more confident as a result and do they dress for themselves rather than considering other people’s opinions. This issue is so relevant to me, due to recent events, that I will enlighten my views on it in more detail in another blog post in due course.

I can’t talk for anyone else but my main reason for investing care and effort in putting together a nice-looking outfit each day is the fact that I feel good when I know I look good. And since my opinion and approval about me is the most important one I think that reasoning is legit. But it is also a tiny sign of respect to the people around me because the truth is that stylish people are nicer to look at, even if only passing by.

But there is one other person whose opinion I value when it comes to how I dress. And that is my man. I want to look good for his sake as much as mine. Not a big thing but it’s the little things at the end of the day that make a successful relationship anyway.

So, for a date night I obviously want to make an extra effort. After all he has to look at me for hours over the table in a restaurant :D

This is actually one of my favourite outfits. The blue skirt is such vivid colour that it makes me smile and it also compliments my figure. But it must be paired up with heels because the hem is the kind of length that would make my legs look stubby and plump. I don’t mind, though, I would wear heels anyway.

The polo crop top is also one my most frequent choices when dressing up. It’s nothing special, in fact the print has already started fading after couple washes, but it looks really nice with high-waist skirts and trousers. The entire outfit cost about 20€ but style isn’t necessarily a matter of a price tag. You can have really expensive clothes and still not be able to put together a good-looking outfit.

Jewelry has been a big part of my life since the very day I was born. I probably got my first gold necklace on that very first day or very soon after. My grandfather was a goldsmith so jewelry has been something I never really needed to put money on. It just appeared. And even though jewelry has been an abundance in my life it doesn’t take anything away from my appreciation towards the rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in my jewelry box(es).

I love gold and, having even worked in a jewelry store, I know the qualities that make me appreciate gold pieces even more. The bracelet in these pictures is something I don’t remove almost ever. Those rare times when I decide to accompany silver jewelry into an outfit, I need to take off the precious item, but it never stays off for more than a day. I even sleep with my earrings, bracelet and necklace on, which for me is a complete norm but on which a lot of my friends tend to comment. When it comes to earrings I like statement-pieces, my favourite pair included in this particular outfit.

I want to make a statement with my style. And that statement is all about confidence! I don’t like to blend in with the crowd, which is why I prefer to mix all-time classics, such as pencil skirts or a white T-shirt, with bold colours and shapes. That way I don’t need to worry about disappearing among the grey mass.

That is one of the things I like about living in Estonia; people believe in colours when it comes to clothes. In Finland I was often the only one on the bus wearing any sort of colour while everyone else dawdled around drowned in black. Whereas here my bright red winter jacket doesn’t raise any eyebrows on the public transport.

I was also a subject of quite strong verbal abuse couple weeks back when I was visiting Finland just because I wore heels (actually the ones that are in the picture above). And this is not the first time I have had to endure insults for the sake of wearing high heels, which are a rare sight in Finland.

So, living in a country where I am allowed to bring out my femininity with my style choices without any fear of being told I’m somehow worse as a human being is a great relief. And one of the big reasons why I ended up leaving Finland in the first place; if you can’t be yourself then it’s better to go somewhere else. :)

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