Outlandish blog outfit inspiration Mothers Day
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What I Wore To Mothers’ Day Dinner + DISCOUNT CODE!!

Outlandish blog outfit inspiration Mothers Day

Outlandish blog outfit inspiration Mothers Day

Outlandish blog outfit inspiration Mothers Day

Mothers’ Day in Finland is always a time of uncertainty when it comes to weather. And because you can’t be quite sure whether it’s going to snow or be +20 degrees Celsius it’s quite a challenge to plan an outfit for a Mothers’ Day dinner.

This year, thankfully, Summer arrived just perfectly for Mothers’ Day so I was able to wear the exact outfit that I had chosen about a month before; culottes, crop top and a pair of high heels which have been cooped up in my closet for years due to Summer eluding our areas.

Culottes are an interesting piece of clothing: they seem to have become a stable part of the Scandinavian style for the past couple of years but they still remain one of the all-time-hated pieces of clothing according to men. This was confirmed when I sent the above results of our photo shoot to my boyfriend and he commented

“Beautiful pictures. But those trousers… Seriously, back to the 70’s, lol”

But I love those trousers. They’re light and airy and flowy, and I think they look really good when matched with a pair of pretty heels. A lot of people wear culottes with sneakers but I do not think that works… It’s just wrong. But that’s just my opinion on the subject. In any case, I have an issue with my height so I’d wear high heels anyway.

At this age getting presents for parents can be a bit tricky because they tend to already have everything. And I don’t like gifting useless or unoriginal things. For example a tea cup can be pretty and it’s for sure going to be used but it also tends to give out the message that you really didn’t put any effort into the process of choosing a present. Especially if your first ever gifts to your parents were tea or coffee cups of different shapes, sizes and colours.

My mum has no shortage of jewelry. But couple weeks back I was approached by a jewelry brand, Brother & Sisters, and browsing through their collections online I noticed a bracelet that, at first sight, made a voice in my head go “Mum!”; rose gold and pearls. Both things that I have admired umpteen times in her jewelry drawer.

I got stuck in the ‘rings’ section, there were just too many amazing options to choose from. It was so close that I would’ve ordered myself a ring instead of a present for mum, but I managed to keep myself together. But I might need to go back and order one now that Mothers’ Day has already passed…

My mum likes big statement pieces when it comes to jewelry but sometimes less is more and this bracelet looked so beautiful on her at the Mothers’ Day dinner.

Although Mothers’ Day already passed the approaching Summer brings along all sorts of celebrations; graduations, weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, etc., etc. If you’re struggling with what you would like to get for the party item or what jewelry you might want to wear to the special occasions yourself, let me help you out: I was given a discount code to share with y’all so feel free to literally shop at my expense :D

Check out the Brother & Sisters collections and use this -30% discount code when ordering:


Happy shopping peeps! :)


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