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PIHKA collection – What Makes The Perfect Handbag

What Makes The Perfect Handbag What Makes The Perfect Handbag

This post is in collaboration with PIHKA collection.
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Last week I revealed my first ever collaboration; I’m now a brand ambassador for PIHKA collection! A brand that creates sustainable and trendy leather bags.

While consumers are aching with guilt while roaming the shops on high streets, trying to decide between spending less on worse or more than they perhaps can afford on much better, the industry itself is debating on what’s acceptable and what’s not.

But let me lend a hand to put your minds at ease; there are plenty of options already in existence when it comes to sustainable production, manufacturing and distribution.

You should definitely check out brands like Ioncell, a brand that discovered a way to make sustainable and durable fabrics out of wood, and Sulapac, which makes biodegradable “plastic”, which is already used in make-up casings. Pretty cool, eh?

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PIHKA, adds to this list very nicely. The fact that puts them ahead of everyone else, and makes them a huge contender in sustainable fashion, is the way their leather is acquired and tanned. In addition to all that they are able to trace where the leather they use has come from.

What Makes The Perfect Handbag What Makes The Perfect Handbag What Makes The Perfect Handbag

top | Cubus
culottes | River Island
mint & chili red bags | PIHKA collection (get 10% off with code TERESA10 here)
high heels | Gamloong

In my opinion, the colours on these two bags are truly stunning, and quite unique. At least, I’ve never bumped into such colours on the bag front before. These 2 bags are the Agata (in chili red, available in multiple tones) and Armi (mint green, available in multiple tones).

And because sustainability might not be reason enough for some to invest in a leather bag, I wanted to go a wee bit deeper, and discuss what exactly makes a perfect handbag.

At first I thought I’d document my own thoughts on the matter, but then I had a light bulb moment; why would I give y’all my opinion from the consumer’s point of view, like hundreds before me, when I have the possibility to interview actual professionals on the matter.

So, I took the liberty of approaching the PIHKA girls with couple questions on the matter. Here’s what Roosa, PIHKA’s Head Designer had to say:

What makes the perfect handbag?

What Makes The Perfect Handbag What Makes The Perfect Handbag

1. What qualities define the perfect handbag in your opinion?

“In my opinion the basis of the perfect handbag lies in quality design and materials. Also purpose defines the bag’s features – is the bag for work use or for party purposes. 

There are certain requirement for a functional work bag, for example, it must be big enough to fit a laptop, and there should be space for water bottle and so on. In party bags, on the other hand, visuality becomes the highest criteria.  

In the best case scenario, just one bag could be worn for any situation. With the PIHKA bags we attempt to achieve this with detachable shoulder straps, and with simple and racy design, where the main focus is on the excellence of the material. 

Leather is a valuable material, which makes it festive by its own right.”

2. Where do you find inspiration for new bag designs?

“Our design journey usually starts from a need. For example, we get feedback from customers saying that this or that functionality would be good. We also observe our collections ourselves and, if need be, we will develop and update them. 

As a designer, lines and shapes start to immediately form in my head with a new product. The different shape possibilities start to roll in my mind – the shapes link up with each other, some of them are disqualified, some are forgotten, and some shapes form all the way to an actual design. 

Sometimes the same idea pops into my head again much later. What I mean is that sometimes the ideas wait for the right time to become concrete.”

What Makes The Perfect Handbag

3. What sets PIHKA bags apart from other sustainably produced bags?

  • “The domestic aspect is a big separator. For us it’s an important value that we strive to cherish.
  • The producers’ sense of quality has to be as high as ours. And that is high!
  • The idiom that suits an incredible amount of styles – the same bag can be worn by a diplomat on their travels and by a University student in Rovaniemi. 
  • The simply beautiful design also allows the customer’s imagination to fly – our bags are easy to incorporate to any outfit, they work for any occasion – which makes them a trusted accessory.
  • The ability to trace our materials’ origins is super important to us!
  • The fact that we offer our products as long a lifeline as possible with our maintenance and repair services – even when the product’s lifeline seems to be at its end, it’s possible for us to bring the product back to life!
  • Our brand is very approachable and still extremely stylish.”

4. Which of PIHKA’s current collection colours is your absolute favourite?

“We design our collection colours always as a whole. A little effect is required, mixed with harmonic balance. It also matters a lot how the colour has been used, meaning that some colours work better for some products than they do for other products.

Sometimes I myself get the urge to get, for example, this Armi bag (red bag in the photos) also in this and that colour :)”

What Makes The Perfect Handbag What Makes The Perfect Handbag

At the end of the day, it will always depend on what you prefer in a handbag; the amount of space available, colour, material, the purpose of use, etc. But I do find myself agreeing with Roosa about the main points:

A great design and quality mixed with versatile functionality definitely are the aspects of the perfect handbag.

Would you agree? ♥


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