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What to Wear This Spring? My Fashion Favourites for Spring 2018


What’s hot this Spring season and what’s not? The dark, wet winter has finally seen fit to retreat even here up North. The newfound sunshine has had an incredible effect in moods as well as creativity when it comes to clothes: the colour scheme on the tram in the morning has become much more vivid and interesting since temperature went above 0 degrees Celsius.

And with warmer weather come also the many Fashion Weeks around the globe. Last year we witnessed the return of the 90’s in fashion and this year the influence of the Spice Girls era is still visible especially in accessories. Here are my favourite picks among the pastel-coloured collections that invaded the runways few weeks back.

Asymmetrical necklines:

I love a top with a twist, whether a weirdly cut neckline or an interesting material, it’s nice to wear something that stands out in the crowd. But such tops are often hard to find. This Spring, though, my problem is solved since asymmetrical necklines are a thing! When the neckline is interesting you are saved the trouble of choosing jewelry. Just pop on a pair of nice earrings and the decorative top will do the rest.

spring/summer trend fashion runway


This colour just screams summer! Afternoon picnics in the park lying in sunshine or cocktail parties on a terrace in the Old Town, yes please. Lavender comes in so many shades that some of the darker shades are completely valid for your winter wardrobe as well. And because it’s so pale a colour it’s easy to mix with other colours, which makes life immediately easier. No need to buy a complete outfit just for the sake of getting one item when you can mix and match with a will. I’m already dreaming of a lavender dress with a flowing hem to wear on a date in the NOA restaurant in Viimsi by the sea…

spring/summer trend fashion runway lavender

Belt bags:

This trend has attempted to make its second coming since the 80’s for the past couple of years but hasn’t really caught on with the mainstream public. Perhaps because we all know those socks-in-sandals kind of tourists who favour this particular piece of accessory while traveling and who nobody would mistake for an ambassador of fashion. Nonetheless, again this year this bag was carried around multiple runways during Fashion Weeks. I personally have had a huge hate-hate-relationship with this accessory, but since I saw it worn like a satchel I thought I might give it a try. IF I can find one that is pretty enough. These I would welcome into my wardrobe:


Feather in accessories is no new thing: feather earrings have been hanging in all stores for many years now but they have still kept their appeal. Now feathers have moved on onto clothes as well. Most often I’ve seen this trend incorporated with shoes rather than clothes: fluffy slippers that actually turn out be high heels with a bobble on rather than morning slippers. But I really like this trend when mixed with skirts and tops especially. Feathers bring really nice movement to the whole outfit.

spring/summer trend fashion feathers outfit inspiration

Statement straw-hats:

I’ve never been one for hats, really. I hate it when I can’t take the hat off at all once I’ve put it on because my hair has gotten so flat that it looks nonexistent. But last year I found a big, black straw hat with a gold chain that I absolutely had to have. I’ve maybe worn it once but since it’s totally in fashion this year, maybe I will put it on more often this coming summer. I keep forgetting my sun glasses anyway so the big brim on the hat takes care of that problem.

+ Trends I wasn’t so impressed with this year:

As I posted last week, the weird trend of dressing yourself in horrid plastic gives me chills and makes me sick. Other trends that didn’t cause such a dramatic reaction, but which I didn’t much care for either, were the sun glass trend from the 90’s, which means sun glasses that are too small to any face, and mixing pink and dark red in your outfit. It looks all-good on the runway when a professional has put every single little thing together with a lot of attention to detail but I can’t see the majority of the public being able to grasp how to mix these colours in a way that doesn’t stop the traffic the bad way.


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