Outlandish blog photography challenge inspiration girl power faceless portrait

Day 21: The Person Who Inspires Me The Most Right Now

Outlandish blog photography challenge inspiration girl power faceless portrait

Outlandish blog photography challenge inspiration girl power faceless portrait

Outlandish blog photography challenge inspiration girl power faceless portrait

Photography task: Faceless self portrait
Location: Turku, Finland
Camera setting: Portrait, Close up

I grew up surrounded by strong and independent women who were always my biggest inspiration when growing up. Especially mum, of course. Now when the magical age of 30 is fast approaching I’ve come to realize that all the ultimate truths that mum has taught me along the way, and which I rebelled against as a youngster, turned out to be exactly as she said.

In other words I’ve had to admit that mum is always right :D

But now the situation is flipping around, if not much, at least to some extent. I grew up with Internet and Social Media whereas my mum’s generation greatly struggles with all the new ways of socializing and operating online.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) didn’t exist and thus was not taught at school when I went there but I’m still young enough to understand and learn about the technological changes happening rapidly around us.

And I have lived abroad in so many different cultures that no matter if my mum has traveled more holiday-wise, I do actually understand cultural differences and how the world works (or Europe at least) perhaps a bit better than she does.

But all that doesn’t mean that I would value her opinions or views any less. She’s still the one and only role-model for me especially as a mother. If I ever have children I will strive to raise them as perfectly as she did!

My mum’s a hard-working woman but she works in the public sector and as an employee. Always has. So, now that I got it in my head that I might like to try and start my own business there’s not much she can help me with in regards to the technicalities of becoming an entrepreneur. So, I’ve had to look elsewhere for inspiration.

And I found one who has inspired me so much that she can probably never understand just how much of an impact she’s had in my business plans:

A blogger, Victoria, who runs one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen, In the Frow.

OK, what she does might, at least for now, be way out of my league because she has a PhD in fashion and a manager and all. But I’m siphoning ideas, inspiration and certain guidelines from her blog, how she runs it and her social media, etc. to help myself map out different options for what I want my blog to be like and to which direction I want to take it.

This doesn’t mean that I would be copying anything that she does, hell no. Originality is my bread and butter, but she has shown me exactly what can be achieved with a blog and how. She’s provided me with plenty of ideas and inspiration from which I can now develop my own plans. We are quite different anyway, so copying her would never work for me.

At the end of the day inspiration can come from the weirdest places. Just couple months back the idea of me becoming an entrepreneur seemed like a joke to me. And then I found this blog and all of a sudden I could see myself making money with my blog. An idea that surely makes my parents generation laugh in their beards wanting to pat me in the head like “Yes darling, you go and try” thinking “She’s about to fail miserably”.

But that’s OK. It wouldn’t be the first time I proved everyone wrong ;)


Jeans Stradovarius // Top Guess 

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