Outlandish blog live without coffee smart phone flat lay photography challenge

Day 13: Who Would I Want To Meet?

Outlandish blog live without coffee smart phone flat lay photography challenge

Outlandish blog live without coffee smart phone flat lay photography challenge

Photography task: Cannot live without
Location: Living Room, Estonia
Camera setting: Landscape, Close Up

Good question, this one! I had to really think about it.

Obviously the first person that comes to mind, me being a woman, is the ultimate woman and the ambassador of the badass-feminism and taking no bullshit-attitude: Queen Beyoncé!

Now, I don’t get flustered easily. For example I think celebrities and rich people are just human beings and thus not particularly better in any way from me or the man standing next to me in the traffic lights. So why would I feel somehow unsettled when meeting such human beings. OMG it’s another human!.. Perhaps not.

But if I met Beyoncé, now that would be a proper fan-girl moment! Happy tears and all :D

But even in her case I am aware that it’s just the brand that makes her so special. She also is just a human being. Extremely influential human being, but just a human being. I’ve never really understood the whole obsessive fan-culture, people going absolutely bonkers when they catch even the tiniest glimpse of a certain person in the distance.

For example, watching footage of particularly young girls screaming and crying their eyes and hearts out because they saw Isaac Elliot or Justin Bieber on the other side of the road just makes me think to myself “These people are unsettled and they could do with certain assistance”.

I mean absolutely no offence! I’m aware that I might actually be the odd-duck in this scenario because I’m not screaming and crying even if everyone around me is. I’m just saying that that’s how it looks to me watching from here, outside of that particular fan bubble.

But meeting Beyoncé is not something I actively work on, no. Instead the people who I actually want to meet in my life are usually very mainstream and boring; stuff like my brother’s new girlfriend whom everybody else has seen except me. Or my friend’s brand new puppy (does that count if it’s not a human being?)

Those are the only situations where I really think “I want to meet them!” Celebrities, on the other hand, I don’t much care about meeting. If I never meet Beyoncé then I never meet Beyoncé, it doesn’t affect my life one bit. But if I am somehow delayed from meeting my friend’s new puppy then Houston! We have a serious problem!

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