Black Friday flat lay photography

Why I Am NOT Participating On Black Friday

As you might have noticed, while everybody else is posting “Best Black Friday Discounts I’m going For!” and “The Cheapest Black Friday Deals, All The Links!” I haven’t shared one promotion this past week. And you can be damn sure that I won’t, even though such posts might generate some revenue to me, because I can’t see the point, and the guilt I’d feel for every single link I’d share isn’t worth it.

As we have discussed here, here and here, it’s safe to say we’re all aware of what over consumption does to this ONE planet on which we can live. Of course shops make up these ”brilliant” campaigns when you can buy all sorts of things super cheap because all they care about is money jingling in the cash machine.

But seriously, is it ever stuff that we need? Or is it just that we buy all that stuff for the sake of getting things as cheap as possible? What’s the point? Someone enlighten me.

I just read an article that this shopping craze has resulted in actual deaths in the US! Okay, we in Europe tend to see the US as this bundle of craziness anyway, but that goes a little bit over board, don’t you think? People being stampeded to death for the sake of CHEAP STUFF.

Stuff that none of those stampeding elephants even need; decorative soap dispensers for your bathroom and a gazillionth t-shirt for only 5€… You do know that t-shirts cost the same 5€ any given day in H&M for a reason, right?

Black Friday flat lay photography

Codes here, codes there, buy, buy, buy, and get that shite delivered to you via air freight… Are you in fact serious? The blogging community can rage about slow fashion and sustainable living as much as they want but as long as they keep promoting consumerism on this scale, honeys, you are literally peeing in your own cereals.

I might get some hate for this but bring it on. I stand by this, because I’ve seen what over consumption does to this world of ours. We think it doesn’t involve us, it’s just the dirty paradise beaches in Thailand and so on, but no. It does affect every single one of us every single day.

It’s been proven so many times that materialism isn’t making anyone happy, on the contrary, it amps up on the pressure you put on yourself to ”fit in” and eventually results in depression. And in the meanwhile our environment is dying on the background.

And if that isn’t enough to be worried about, how about all the negative feelings related to chasing an offer and not getting it; retail workers losing their Thanksgivings; the best brands aren’t in sale. Or just the fact that a lot of these “discounts” are actually not discounts at all. You pay the normal price, it’s just been printed with a bigger and flashier font for this one day. Clever, right?.. Not really.

Black Friday flat lay photography

This may sound dramatic for some, but one of the reasons why I don’t want to have children is the fact that I fear that my child will be of the last human generation on this planet. We consume way over the planet’s capabilities, have done so for decades, and the Middle classes around the globe are growing. Why shouldn’t they taste the success like we have done for the past 100 years!

And so it never ends. As long as we all keep promoting these horrid shopping sprees like Black Friday.

As much as I hate this phenomena, there is one aspect of it that I do promote: travel tickets are way cheaper thanks to Black Friday. No, I’m not talking about flying, which is obviously one of the worst polluters in existence. I’m talking about cruise boats and trains, which (at least in North of Europe) largely work on electricity, not fossil fuels.

We can all make a difference. And, to be honest, we don’t have a fekkin choice anymore! So, pick up the game, peeps. I know you can ♥


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