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4 Easy Ways to Regain the Feeling of Purpose

How is your 2020 going right now? Have you found solid ground again after the shockwaves of last Spring? Or would you say your feeling of purpose has left the building for good? If feeling like we have a place and a point on this planet was hard before, right now it can seem close to impossible.

What does it mean to have the feeling of purpose, you ask? Put simply, the feeling of purpose is the overall motivation that drives you to go for the things that make a life worth living. If we are looking to be fulfilled and content in our lives we’ve got to find some sort of purpose.

But it doesn’t have to be about healing the sick or finding your dream career. Instead, when it comes to looking after yourself, you have to feel like you have a purpose. Does it start to make sense now?

The base of the feeling of purpose is self care. Oh yes, it’s the buzz word, but it’s true! It’s far easier for us to feel like we have a purpose when we are looking after ourselves. Here are the 4 main things to focus on to regain your feeling of purpose!

4 Easy Ways to Regain the Feeling of Purpose

feeling of purpose

Be Someone That You Want to Be

Easier said than done, isn’t it? If you’re familiar with manifesting, you’ve probably come across ‘up-leveling‘ and the ‘ideal you‘. It may sound wishy washy, but bear with me!

For example, if you have always done what everyone else (parents, friends) said you should, how has it worked out for you? Are you enjoying the profession you went for because your parents wanted you to? Or the tiny flat in a crowded city that you moved into because you thought you’d lose your friends by moving to the suburbs?

The only way for us to find any sort of purpose in life, is to be exactly what we want to be. Chase the dreams that we want to chase. Be the person we want to be. And this doesn’t mean changing your personality. Instead, look at the people you admire and see what you can do to become your own version of them.

Start your journey towards the feeling of purpose with small steps. As simply, in fact, as considering what you wear. As they say, you should dress for the job that you want, not the job you have. Same goes for reaching for that ideal future: dress as the person you want to be, not the one you think you are.

Something as simple as a pair of glasses that are popular but classic can give your overall look a whole new edge. This may again sound like something that shouldn’t be important. But it is a fact that the way we dress can greatly boost our confidence.

And remember, if you aren’t going to be happy with how you look or who you are, why would anybody else care? Be the person you were born to be!

feeling of purpose

Get Rid of the Pointless Things in Your Life

We fill our lives with so many useless distractions. One of the most perfect example of this is social media.

There are many positives to social media: building a brand, running a business, finding a supportive community, etc. But for those who use Social Media apps to just pass time, is it actually worth the time wasted? Especially if it affects your mental health!

I’m not saying that you need to remove social media completely. I’m asking you to give it a bit of thought. How much time do you spend idly scrolling and is it actually beneficial to you? I can say from my own part that scrolling aimlessly is definitely not worth my while.

If you find yourself coming to the same conclusion, try adopting a minimalist mindset. This means that you are actively looking at the things in your life and thinking “is this serving a purpose?”

You know what I mean. That complicated coffee machine that you barely use because it’s too much work and creates waste. Or that collection of ornaments filling your living room shelves, do you actually need them? Or could you tone them down?

This can be a hard practice at first. But once you start to remove the actually pointless things from your life, it helps clear your mind. Sometimes distractions are wonderful things, especially during stressful times. But if you are feeling aimless, try trimming things down around you and in your life in order to rebuild it.

feeling of purpose

Listen to Your Gut

Following on from the amount of distraction that social media can provide, when we do distract ourselves in life, we are actively avoiding what our inner guidance system is telling us. Our minds and bodies are much cleverer than us, and they give us pointers all the time. It’s time you learned to listen to them!

If you keep ignoring your gut and your instinct, you will inevitably be taken down a path that could detour you from the end goal: the better you. There is no shortcut or a guide book to learning to listen to your gut. Because it’s there all the time. You’re just literally ignoring it and putting what other people want for you ahead of what you want for you.

It all comes down to clarifying our vision. With so many distractions in life, it seems hard to decide what we want. After all, there are so many people we want to please. But learning to trust your instincts is about trusting yourself. Do you trust yourself to know what’s best for you?

If you’ve lost the feeling of purpose in life, you need to take the opportunities to sit and be quiet with yourself. Concentrate on how you feel and decide that you trust that your mind and body will take you where you want to go as long as you let them.

Make Time for Yourself

Feeling like our lives are aimless stems from not giving yourself the opportunity to look after yourself. Again, the buzz word is here, self care is paramount!

When we make time for ourselves, it helps us to focus on the things that we want. I know many of us don’t necessarily make time for ourselves. This happens because our world revolves around ‘being busy’.

But what is being busy? Doesn’t it just mean that you’re so bad at what you do that you can’t do it within the time and with the quality that’s necessary? Yes, that’s exactly what ‘being busy‘ means. It’s nothing to brag about, it means you’re insufficient and ineffective.

Instead, when you start placing value on what you want for yourself, rather than what other people want for you, you will naturally start working towards those goals. And no surprise, you will feel better as a result. This is the key!

Remember that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel or change lives. Life, in many ways, is incredibly simple and we need to learn the importance of prioritizing ourselves. Especially when we haven’t done it for so long. Do this to understand what you are all about.

feeling of purpose

We are living in a time when everything feels up in the air and we can’t help but worry about the next hurdle. But in fact, now might be the perfect opportunity for us to put the focus back onto ourselves!

If you feel like you don’t have a purpose, you’d be surprised how many people rediscover what is important during troubling times.

Have you made any groundbreaking discoveries about yourself this year? I’d absolutely love to hear, so let’s chat! β™₯


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